A Hot Market


Yesterday, before going to to sit in line for Shakespeare In The Park with a dear friend, I wondered who would be making an offer to the 1000 or so people waiting for hours to get their free tickets to As Good As It Gets.

There weren’t many… I suspect part of that is because it is closely controlled by the theatre and the authorities in the park, the other is undoubtedly any number of other blocks.

One person who brilliantly worked the line was a man with light-weight, folding camping chairs. He was renting the chairs for $5, and came back around to collect them as the line got up to move forward and collect their tickets.

Needless to say, he ran out several times, and kept bringing more and more on the back of his bike. And he’ll be able to come and do the same again tomorrow and every day until the show is over.

Think about your product or service… where is there a hot, ready-made market that’s itching for what you’ve got?

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