Crossing The Finish Line


(This picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with this blog post. I just think it’s pretty. :- ) )

There comes a time in most projects where I kind of want to say, “Aww, screw it,” and head into¬†cocoon¬†land on my couch with the remote and a nice cup of tea.

That’s what they call in long distance racing ‘The Bonk’… when you get to the point in the race where you feel like you are going to crap out and you really start to believe you can’t go any further.

Seems to appropriately named, don’t you think?

So, I’m being totally transparent here because I’ve hit ‘the bonk’ on a current project and all I want to do is crawl back into bed and pretend I have no responsibilities.

Guess what that means?

I’m in the home stretch.

Yup. Now is one of the most important times for me (and you, if you relate) to dig deep, think positive thoughts, imagine the outcome I want and find a way to feel good about continuing the work, because other than when I start on a project (you know, when you actually have to start DOING the work, not just PLANNING the work), this is the most significant DANGER ZONE.

So, what will I do to keep on keeping on in the face of my big whopper of a BONK?

I’ll break things down into baby-steps.

I’ll reach out to a friend and say, “Hey, I’m feeling pretty freaking floopy. I want to commit to you that in the next hour I’m going to accomplish xyz, will you call me and check in on me?” (Or whatever version of that works for you…)

I’ll set up some delicious reward – like a long, relaxed walk in the park, a massage or a night out with girlfriends so that I know, if I can just get through these 3 or 4 or 257.8 things, I will be able to go and relax and have a wonderful time. (Ok, I exaggerated a little, but it definitely FEELS like that!)

So, if you are bouncing up against your bonk… or it feels like you are (maybe on a daily basis) with your marketing, you will want to check out my free webinar… of course, I have a solution for you! :- )

In the webinar, we’ll cover some of my best tips and tricks to help you get over your hump and slide into marketing that works AND feels good. (No, there is no guarantee there won’t be a bonk – in fact, if you’re doing it right, there will most likely BE A BONK, but at least you’ll have some tools in your shed to deal with it appropriately – and you’ll know it’s coming, so you won’t feel so darn broadsided!)

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