Give… And Then Give Some More


There are two sides to this concept of giving freely.

A whole lot of entrepreneurs I’ve come across actually do this. They give, and they give and they give until they are burned out and broke.

And, then there are a lot of other entrepreneurs who don’t give enough.

Whether you fall into the first category, or the second, you are headed to some big problems.

When you give too much (and actually when you do it even when you’re charging), you overwhelm other people. If you share ideas, you can completely shut them down by giving too many. If you are sharing too much around a product, you can leave them feeling uncomfortable.

It’s essential that you share your ideas and gifts with people, but you need to do it in a balanced and level way. If you are one of the people who are giving too much, chances are you are doing it out of a need to beĀ appreciated, liked or to prove yourself.

Start to observe yourself in situations where you give too much, then reign it in. Don’t be afraid to share a bit, show your value, and then offer to discuss how you might be able to support the person more. Then, if they accept, you have the opportunity to make a real offer for them to engage your services or product.

On the other side, if you don’t give enough – if you are the one receiving in most exchanges or if you don’t give because you feel like everyone should pay for what you’ve got, then you also want to start to observe yourself. People often need to see the real value in something before they are willing to invest in it. And, there is a healthy way to share enough to give people a sample, without making it so they won’t need to buy what you’ve got. Dig in and discover what’s holding you back here.

Either way, finding a balance is one of the keys to building a successful business – one that feeds both you and your clients.

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