How to do marketing that matters – Loyalty Campaign


When you start to dig in and learn how to do marketing, you often here about special gifts and discounts for new customers…things that will entice them to build a relationship with you and buy. But what about the customers you already have? It’s equally as important not to neglect your loyal customers as it is to get new ones.

As you learn how to do marketing you have to focus on many different areas, so it can be very helpful to create a marketing plan that includes developing specific promotions and systems to keep your current customers engaged. Many businesses fail to utilize one of the single most valuable tools they have, their existing customer database – you should consider it one of your best assets and make sure you continually work to serve the wants and needs of those people who have already invested in you.

One great way to incorporate a loyalty campaign is to offer something to those people who have been customers that you don’t offer to anyone else. If many of your customers are local you can host a cocktail party in their honor. You can create a special ‘premium’ group for clients and customers that come back often, giving them special access to discounts and deals not otherwise available, etc. When you think about how to do marketing with your loyal customers, you want to think about making them feel special and appreciated and you want to do something different for them that is not available to anyone else.

In some instances businesses even create ‘paid’ loyalty options within their marketing plan, by this I mean where you offer a premium membership level that has an annual or monthly fee, and gives the client access to products or services not otherwise available or to year-round special prices, closed-shopping experiences where only other premium level members can come, one-on-one services etc. If you look around you will see many examples of this, everyone from Costco to Country Clubs.

Create a loyalty campaign for your business today and you will be sure to keep your customers longer and drive more sales in your business, without the costs of new-customer acquisition. As you continue to consider how to do marketing for your business, keep this in mine, you’ll be glad you did.

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