How to NOT make your business like dry toast


Ok, it’s not dry toast, bu don’t they look GOOD! I must be hungry…

Lately I’ve been using a metaphor for my business and the work I do around marketing…

Some of you know that I’m a law of attraction girl, and have my pretty ‘spiritual’ moments (which come through when I work with my clients too – in the form of intuitive hits on everything from the opportunities  and interests they don’t see, to which messaging is strongest). Not sure if everyone would call that spiritual, but, to me it is a piece of that – when it flows, I’m deeply connected to spirit – to Source, whatever the name you call it.

Well, when I work with someone who just wants the ‘step-by-step how to’ on marketing, or when someone encourages me to build a program that is similar – like how to use Facebook for marketing – it feels like being handed a big ol’ plate of dry toast and told to eat it with no toppings and nothing to drink.

It’s dry, the first bite or two may be ok, but it’s going to be pretty boring and probably cut up my mouth pretty good too. Yuck.

That’s NOT my idea of a good experience – and that goes DOUBLE for business!

Now, I don’t want you to get me wrong – I LOVE toast. Love it. Love it. Love it.

But, I love it when it’s dripping with butter, or has some olive oil and salt, or has some melty peanut butter oozing down the side, or some cream cheese and jam, oooo – or lots of butter and cinnamon sugar… I LOVE toast… when it’s all juicy and covered with scrummy toppings.

That’s how I like my business too. Scrummy. :- )

What does that mean to me? Well, it means weaving in things that are juicy to me (and often to my clients as I attract people who are generally coming from a similar mindset) – like Law of Attraction, energetic principles, arts & crafts (yup – the only way I can do a daily plan for myself is to make it playful and fun – so I use cool post-its and a fun Smash book to build my daily plan – makes it like an art project, which I love!).

If you’re feeling a bit like you’re eating dry toast each day in your business, and your feeling overwhelmed, run-down and generally like there is so much to do you are about to drown, it’s time to inject some yummy, juicy, scrummy stuff!

It may feel like it’s exactly the wrong time, but trust me – it’s not. If you don’t incorporate some of the stuff that jazzes you up, then you’re missing all the fun in your business.

I ask you… if you didn’t start your business so you could ultimately be happy and have fun, then why did you?

Everything we do is, essentially, in the pursuit of happiness, so don’t wait. Start NOW.

Put some fun, some play, some joy and juiciness back into your business. You’ll feel SO much better, you’ll enjoy your days more, you’ll (gasp!) get MORE done AND…

Energetically, you’ll be attracting more and more of THAT experience into your world. I think we can all agree, MORE of that would be a good thing.

And, if you’re wondering how you can inject some of that joy into your marketing and your marketing planning process, I might have just the right thing. :- )

In my upcoming webinar, I’m going to be sharing my #1 tip for not only making your marketing work, but to also make it work for YOU… so it’s enjoyable, not draining, hard and something you’d rather go clean toilets than sit down and do. If that sounds good to you, you can register here.


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