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Last week I dove into the marketing planning process (here’s part 1 of the marketing planning process, and here’s part 2).

Today I want to talk about some more general marketing concepts.

The first thing most people come across when they start to learn some things about marketing are what are known as the ‘3 M’s’, which are:

1 – Market

2 – Message

3 – Media

As marketing concepts, these are KEY to your success. Here’s a basic description of each:

1 – Market: Your marketing refers to your TARGET market. These are the people you want to reach with your marketing. This is a specific group, which is identified by demographics (information about age, gender, income – hard and fast information that is pretty straight-forward to gather) and psychographics (these are more ambiguous, and center around preferences, opinions, likes and dislikes of your target folks).

It’s extremely important that you get really clear on who you want to reach. When you’re not, your marketing will be MUCH less effective, may not work at all, and if you are investing money in it, you’ll probably find that most of it is wasted.

2 – Message: This is what you are saying about what you’ve got. Generally, it needs to be oriented to specific things your target market wants and/or needs. Generally it’s better to have something (or figure out something about what you’ve got) that your target marketing WANTS. We’ll go after and invest in our wants faster than we will our needs, in most instances. We want what we want, we don’t necessarily want what we need, so we sometimes put it off until the last possible moment.

3 – Media: This is the big (HUGE!) list of all the different ways you can put your message out to your target market. Some people think certain media are better than others… I’m more of the opinion that media is neutral – it becomes a better choice for you and your business when it a) will hit your target market right on the nose b) is easy for you to properly relay your message and c) is accessible to both your business and your target market.

An example of media that is ‘all the rage’ is social media. Yes, it can work wonderfully, but it can also be a big, huge time-such and not have a lot of results. In order to determine if it makes sense for your business, you need to analyze it and determine if your target market is on the particular platform you are considering and if it makes sense for your business to be engaged there.

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