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In yesterday’s post I wrote about some of the essential and basic marketing concepts that every business owner needs to grow to understand.

Today, I’ll continue sharing some of the essential tenets that make up the foundation of the marketing concepts you need to be successful.

One of the marketing concepts I get a lot of questions about (and that I didn’t ‘get’ AT ALL in my early years in business) is what it is and how it differs from PR (Public Relations) and Sales.

Honestly, when I first started out, I thought PR and putting your logo on t-shirts pretty much was all there was to marketing. I had A LOT to learn!

I’m going to keep things really straight-forward today and talk about the difference between each of these categories, or at least the way I’ve come to classify and understand them.

Essentially, I see marketing as a big umbrella, under which we find sub-categories of things like PR and Sales.

What that means is that PR and Sales are actually, at least in my mind, a part of your marketing. Some people would argue that sales sits outside of marketing, but I think there is so much cross-over, it actually fits within the umbrella.

Here’s what I think each of these is:

Marketing – this is the process of letting people know about what you’ve got and what it can do for them. For a lot of people it really helps to re-frame marketing and think about it as education. You are educating your potential customers about what you have, how it provides something they want and/or how it meets one of their needs/solves a problem.

PR – public relations is the process of getting visibility in different editorial style outlets – including magazines, blogs, video, TV etc. It really is a specialty in and of itself. When people reach out to me and ask if I can help them with PR, I generally refer them to someone who has learned the specific ins-and-outs of this type of marketing. It’s not completely different, but building a back ground and relationships in this arena can take years, so it makes sense to work with someone who really ‘gets’ it.

Sales – this really goes hand-in-hand with marketing, and I see it as the process of helping someone understand if what you have is going to suit their specific wants and needs. A ‘re-frame’ for sales would be seeing it as ‘service’. If you are doing it from the right perspective, you really are supporting and helping someone get what they want.

I have several more of these posts on marketing concepts planned out for the coming weeks, so come back often to find out what else I’ve added to the collection of posts.

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  1. Mys Palmer says:

    Hey Payson! I love the differentiation you make on PR/Sales. I think when we come on line, and as you admit, we know we have to market but we have very little substance behind knowing we just have to. Your definitions are concise but oh so spot on. Registering for your webinar now! Oh, and I found you on SBC so thanks for sharing your “buzz” I’m following suit. See ya soon and enjoy your day kay?

  2. Payson says:

    Thanks so much Mys! So glad you found the post helpful – and that you found me through SBC – it’s such a great resource! Hope you enjoy the webinar, and your day too! :- )