One Brick At A Time


Going with another piece from the video I posted yesterday, I want to bring out the piece Will Smith shared about building a wall.

I’m paraphrasing here (you can listen to the exact quote in the video in yesterday’s post), but basically he says you don’t set out to build a huge, enormous brick wall. You set out to lay this one brick as perfectly and in the best way that a brick can ever be laid. Then you do that brick after brick, day after day, and before long you have a wall.

This is going back to the basics, honing your craft with the most basic steps each and every day. I once heard that when Michael Jordan practiced basketball daily, he work do so until he made 1000 baskets. MADE 1000 baskets. That’s dedication to one’s craft.

If you want to be one of the best in the world at what you do, get back to the basics and work on them, then work and work and work some more.

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