Results of the Marketing Planning Process


Here’s an image of my marketing calendar and the post-its of my marketing planning process. It’s not neat, but it’s colorful! :-)

This past week I wrote about the basic steps I follow in my marketing planning process. Today, I want to share some of the results that can come from creating a process like this and following it…

The first, and probably most important piece is that you will feel on purpose, and as you follow each step, you will feel more and more confident as you approach your work each day, you will know what needs to be accomplished, and as you begin to get it done, you will feel better and better.

Why is that the most important outcome from a marketing planning process?

From a law of attraction standpoint, the better we feel, the better the things are that we can attract. It makes sense too, when you explore it a bit…

On days when you are feeling really good, things are flowing, you are accomplishing stuff, you don’t feel overwhelmed it just seems to get better and better. And, if you explore it a bit, you’ll often find, that if something doesn’t knock you out of that good feeling place, cool things and ‘coincidences’ happen too.

You’ll also notice the opposite, when things are ‘off’ or kind of crappy they just seem to stack up too. The old adage, “when it rains it pours,” is around because of the way this works.

The next piece you’ll notice is that when you have given yourself a set of steps to follow, and you’ve broken them down properly, even the more challenging and scary things are much easier to tackle. Something that might otherwise be really challenging for you because a little bit easier, and as you simply ‘take the next step’ you can end up doing things that seemed really hard or impossible before.

Finally, as you continue to follow through on your marketing planning process, you’ll find that things start to work. Maybe not everything, but my the sheer process of implementing multiple marketing steps and strategies, things will begin to POP.

There are, of course, pieces that will make that last part faster like being super clear on your target market and having irresistible messaging, but even if you haven’t got it perfect, it will start to have an impact. Then, you can continue to refine those other pieces as you learn more in the process.

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