Small Business Marketing Strategy: The Dirty Little Secret…


What’s the ‘dirty little secret’ that is so essential to your small business marketing strategy?

It’s something that a lot of entrepreneurs avoid like the plague.

It’s something that, quite ironically, can feel like a massive rusting, jangling cast-iron ball and chain.

We think that way because, as entrepreneurs we are huge seekers of FREEDOM (it’s one of our most important driving factors), and we think this ‘thing’ will drag us down like a pair of cement boots in the Hudson River.

And, I guess, now that I think about it, maybe it’s not so much of a ‘secret’ as it is a ‘red-headed step child’ based on the fact that we probably KNOW we need it, but pretty much get glassy-eyed and zoned out, or even run from the room when it comes up…

What is that ‘dirty little secret’?


Yup. I said it… And you need them. Probably quite a few of them.

Why do you need them?

It’s quite simple really. Systems are THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS.

You might want to hear something else… You might want to believe that you can just be happy, float around cheering yourself and other people on, ‘living your authentic you’ and the money will magically start to float down from the heavens onto your head. While those things are extremely important (if you know me, you know I’m a big believer in Law of Attraction and feel that if something isn’t your passion you have no business doing it, but I’m serious here, so stick with me), it is equally as important to have systems to keep you on track, keep you consistent, and most importantly to build the foundation for your marketing strategies.

I have been thinking about, building and talking about systems for most of my life. Sometimes it feels natural and sometimes it doesn’t. I went for a few years ‘bucking the system’ too – refusing to have anything to do with systems, refusing to be consistent, refusing to do things ‘regularly’.

Where do you think that got me?

Absolutely NOWHERE.

So, if you’re ready to get serious about building your bad-ass business and opening the floodgates to some serious profit, you need to take a long hard look at your systems.

What should your systems include?

Here’s a short list… it’s not inclusive, some businesses need more, most won’t need less… but the bottom line is, every business needs them. And the businesses that make money – GOOD money, 6 and 7 figure money – have GREAT systems…

1. Planning Systems (No, you won’t get a pox from planning, so you don’t have to keep avoiding it!)

2. Product/Service Development Systems (if you plan these out, they’ll be congruent, they’ll make sense, and they’ll grow, along with your customer base…)

3. Marketing Systems (like this blog – if you make it into a system, it becomes a part of your marketing efforts and, believe it or not, gets EASIER to keep up with because you have themes, plans, a checklist to follow, etc)

4. Sales Systems (like scripts, yes, they’re GOOD for you…)

5. Follow-Up Systems (Your business’ biggest asset is your existing customers, and it’s one of those things many of us ignore…)

And, as I mentioned, you probably need several more.

If you aren’t sure what systems you need to put in place or how to go about doing it, you may want to check out this new program I’m doing with a simply AMAZING entrepreneur, named Lindsay Vastola, who has grown her business to multiple six-figures with systems and she now gets to do things like take off for Italy for 3 weeks without having to worry if her business will keep running.

The program is called Six Figure Systems – we chose that name because we both believe that getting to that milestone becomes not only plausible, but downright simple when you have the right systems.

Bottom line? Effective Systems + Accountability = Insane Profits and Ultimate Freedom

And, just so you know, several people have told me we are WAY undercharging for the program… two people told me we should TRIPLE the price! Lindsay and I wanted to make sure that someone with just about any size business could get involved, so you should definitely check it out.

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  1. This is such a great point, I wish I had seen this advice years ago. As a small business owner in a creative field, I thought I could just “get my work done.” After struggling for way too long, I took a big step back and looked at what I was doing wrong, I then started drafting my workflow/processes and am amazed at the relief (in time and brain space) its brought me.

  2. Payson says:

    Thanks so much for the comment Chris. This really is one of those life-altering pieces for small business owners and entrepreneurs. So glad you found your way to it. Took a look at your photography site – gorgeous stuff! :-) Nice to re-connect a bit after all these years. :-)