Stop defending and start doing


There is a distinct difference between someone who is defending their position and someone who is striving for a goal…

If you think about sports teams – the ones who are in the lead half-way through the game, and then play to defend the lead, instead of playing to win the game almost always loose their edge, and the game. It’s the same with champions… if they are defending their title, the shift in mindset from striving for the goal of champion to defending the position, can shift the outcome dramatically.

It’s the same in business. If you are always worried about how you are going to appear, always wanting to be perfect, afraid of what other people may think or say if you make a mistake, you will get stuck, you won’t move forward and you’ll find that both you and your business don’t grow.

Instead, focus on a goal. Choose something that excites you and interests you and then think about your efforts to reach it like learning to hit a baseball. At first, when you swing, you’ll miss most of the time. The you’ll connect a time or two, and you start to automatically correct how you are swinging and begin to improve. Over time, you hit more and more often.

It’s the same with your business goals. Set them, set out to achieve them and understand that some of what you do won’t work, but it will give you valuable information about what may not work along the way, allowing you to correct and continue. That’s priceless.

This song captures it nicely – enjoy!

The best line, “Everyone strikes out 9 times out of 10, but you got to step up to the plate son, ’cause every now and then…” Gives me goose-bumps!

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