Throwing Spaghetti At The Wall


I find I’m using this expression more and more…

Really, it’s what things sometimes come down to in business… you just have to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. :- )

What does this mean in terms of marketing?

Well… you can learn a lot of things about marketing… you can figure out your target market, you can get your message clear, you can choose your media wisely, you can build strategies that kick some series butt… but what it all comes down to in the end, is putting your sh*t out there and seeing WHAT WORKS, and just as importantly WHAT DOESN’T.

To me, that’s throwing the spaghetti against the wall… you won’t know if you’ve picked the right target market, or narrowed enough if you never get out there and try your stuff out on them.

You’ll never know if your message hits the mark or misses by a mile, if you don’t put it in front of your people and see if they respond.

Do you get the idea?

Marketing only works when you ACTUALLY DO IT. Pretty much like everything else in life… you might want to me Mr. or Ms. Right, but if you sit on your couch night after night pining away and wondering where this amazing human being is and why you haven’t found them yet, you’re problem could very well be that YOU NEVER GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. :- )

I’m not trying to be harsh here, just want to share a little dose of reality. Even the best in the world miss on a regular basis – that goes for everything from baseball to marketing – it isn’t always a home-run. And, when it isn’t, you’ve got a great opportunity to look at what went well, what needs to improve, and how you can make it better the next time around.

So, if you’re ready to get your marketing act together and start putting some of your brilliance out into the world in a new, inspired and authentic way¬†join me for my upcoming (& free) webinar – we’ll be talking about some of the best ways to share what you’ve got in a way that feels good to you, and might even be… *gasp*… FUN! :- ) Register here.

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