What Are You Doing That You Hate?


Recently, I had a conversation with a couple of entrepreneurs who were expressing how much they disliked certain aspects of their daily work. They were saying how stressed and unhappy it made them feel…

My answer?


Stop doing it?

If there is something in your business that you really dislike, that makes you feel so icky and so down that you drag and wilt every time you think about it, you need to cut it out. No, not the dragging and wilting, the thing itself.

It may be an unusual, or even unpopular stand to take, but I believe you should be enjoying most of your work. Maybe not every single second, but definitely MOST of it.

In this kind of a situation you have 3 choices…

1 – You can find a way to align with those things that are distasteful more, so that you energy shifts and they don’t feel so yucky. This is a really great choice, but not always so easy to do.

2 – Second option – you can hand it off. No, not all of your marketing, or all of your sales (there are a few things that if you aren’t willing to be involved with you may not have a business at all), but certain tasks. If you hate social media (AHHH! WHAT???? :- ) Yes, it happens…), then you don’t HAVE to be doing social media. You can find someone to do the lion’s share for you, and then maybe you will enjoy some of the parts that can be fun, like posting pictures or updates about your life.

3 – Third? Simply stop. Let’s keep going with the social media example… if you hate social media, and you don’t want to find and pay someone else to support the pieces you don’t enjoy, then you don’t have to do it. Businesses grew long before social media arrived, and they will continue to grow long after it fades away or is replaced by something new.

Figure out what would be fun for you, discover some other marketing processes, systems and strategies you would LIKE and start doing them instead.

You have options. The choice – to suffer and torture yourself or to give yourself the freedom and joy to find something you really WANT to do. Oh, and when you choose the latter… things shift in a BIG way! Not only do you have more fun and love your work more, but that energy attracts more clients and brings in way more money too.

And, if you’re looking to learn about some different options, and you’re ready to have some more joy and fun in your business, you may want to check out my upcoming webinar (it’s not for a little bit yet, but the page is up, so why not share it, right?)… the Marketing in the Morning™ webinar. :- ) You can check it out here.


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