Where Is Your Mojo Flowing?


Was talking with a friend a little while back… someone who seemed to be getting asked out on a date about 12 times a day (no, I’m not really exaggerating… well… maybe it was more like 8 times a day). She was sharing about how a few other areas of her life were either humming along at break-neck speed (like the dating area) or they were stuck in a rut the size of the Grand Canyon. So, I suggested she take a look at what was making her mojo flow in the areas of her life that were working exceptionally well, and see if she could apply any of what she was doing to the areas that were stagnating. And, I’ll ask you the same question. For a few people, the crap seems to hit the fan from everywhere and in every area of their life at the same time. That truly SUCKS. But, for most of us, 1 or more areas are usually chugging along happily – almost under the radar because they aren’t demanding our attention – they’re working and we tend to focus on what’s NOT working instead of what is. Let’s shine a light of the things that ARE working, take a look at how that feels, spend some time reveling in and appreciating the blessings that are there, and then take a look at how you lined yourself up to the positives in those areas and see if there is any way to use any of what you did in the areas that aren’t flowing like the Orinoco. (I suddenly have an urge to break out my one of my fav 90’s CDs… some Enya, anyone?) When you start to examine the areas that are working, and apply what you’ve learned about getting into flow there, you can begin to shift – little by little, or even sometimes, a whole lot – the areas that still seem to be cemented in place. And, if you are ready to have your marketing ‘unstuck’ then don’t miss my upcoming Marketing in the Morning™ webinar. We’ll be talking about how to get your marketing to work like gangbusters so you can have that gushing flow of clients and cash you want. Sound good? Register here.

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