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Silva Conference August 2009

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I did this video on the last day of the 3 Day Silva Mind Body Program part of the Silva Conference. I talk a little bit about active meditation and how I think it can impact your life and creating the life you desire. Click here if you are interested in more information about the Silva Method. The Mind Body Program is a new program for the Silva Method group and this conference was the first time they gave the information live. Essentially the conference covered how to use the Silva Method of active meditation to create a healthy body and mind. We did at least two, if not three, meditation exercises each day, which was wonderful, and I thorooughly enjoyed the conference. It was my first real experience with the Silva Method. I purchased a DVD set called “Silva Peaks” several months ago, which I have not yet watched, and that included a ticket to the annual conference, which was held in Austin, TX. By coincidence (if there really is such a thing), I needed to be about an hour outside of Austin the weekend before the conference for a graduation and party at Texas A & M University. It made it very easy to decide to stay in town for a few extra days and attend the conference. In a future video I will talk about using the active meditation process after coming home.

Austin, TX is a beautiful town. It was extremely hot while we were there (almost every day breaking 100 degrees farenheit), but because the air is a bit drier than what I am used to on the East Coast in the summer, it was almost doable. Thank goodness for air-conditioning though. :-)

A week or so after returning from the Silva Mind Body Program I recorded this short video to share some information I learned and a quick technique I use to handle stress and the sense of overwhelm I sometimes get while working and building my business. I mention in the video that you can sample some of the Silva Method information for free, here is the direct link to the location where you can download a few of the Silva Life Method lessons as well as sample a couple of their meditations.

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