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Great video of a Space Shuttle launch and then camera footage from one of the falling solid fuel tanks…

Earlier today, while walking down the sidewalk I started thinking about how ‘launching’ a business seems to be very much like ‘launching’ a space craft. A huge amount of the total fuel needed to accomplish the mission is required at the very beginning in a tireless, intense, speedy thrust.

When you are just starting out it’s important to remember that you will need to be intense, persistent and pour tons of energy, passion and creativity into igniting your business. Once things are moving steadily along, it will still require fuel and energy to continue movement, but it will have some momentum and will be easier to keep it going that it is to start it.

So, when you have one of those days where there is so much to do you feel overwhelmed, when you are running out of steam and you aren’t sure you can keep going, think about the Space Shuttle, and remember that keeping that intensity going for a bit longer may be all it takes to help you reach orbit – where you’ll need to steady direction and continue on your mission, but you won’t need that huge expense of energy to keep things going.

And, if you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed or are feeling tired, you may need to take a break to re-fuel. Listen to what you need, take a walk, go to bed early – do whatever you need to replenish, and then come back and pour your energy into that launch again. Eventually, the ‘launch’ phase will end, you’ll need to continue to work hard, but some things will stabilize and you’ll be able to focus on different aspects of creating a successful business.

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Seth Godin is a Genius

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He may, or may not know it, but he really is.

I read his daily blog posts pretty religiously and just couldn’t pass up sharing this one.

(NOTE: Good Marketing Strategy: His posts are delivered to my email inbox-where I am sure to get them. It’s my preferred way of receiving them, so make sure it’s an option for your blog posts. Give readers access to THEIR preferred method of consumption – not just what’s easy for you…)

Whether you sell a product or a service there is information here that is invaluable. Hope you’ll take a few minutes and go read it through – you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!

Seth Godin’s Blog Post

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Words from a brilliant mind…

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Earl Nightingale shared this wisdom: “If a businessperson would just devote an hour a day to thinking of how he might be of greater service to his customers and community, he wouldn’t need to give much thought to how he would pay his bills or achieve his goals.”

What if you became a real community player in your community, contributing your time, energy, services, ideas, money etc? Do you think that would influence your bottom line? Schedule an hour tomorrow to think, just brainstorm, on ways you can serve your clients and prospects more effectively – with or without a profit in it for you. You might be surprised by the results.

Don’t underestimate the power of service to build your business. In today’s economy, it will be one of the single most important determining factors in your success.

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Only 3 Ways to Grow A Business?

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Did you know that there are, essentially, only three ways to grow a business?

1. Increase the number of customers.

2. Increase the average transaction value.

3. Increase the frequency of repurchase.

Find a way to maximize each one and your business will experience an astonishing rate of growth. Ignore any one area and your business will not achieve it’s potential.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs have a tendency to focus on number one and ignore number two and, particularly, number three.  Take a few minutes today and think about how you can begin to improve these areas of your business.

Can you reach out to existing customers with a new product or service that will compliment what they are already buying or using? Can you create packages that will allow someone to purchase several items together, increasing the average transaction value for new or returning customers (people love packages – I know of several businesses where over 80% of the purchases made are for higher-priced packages rather than individual purchases).

What customized marketing strategies can you come up with to improve in all three areas?

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