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Book: Delivering Happiness

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Just finished this great book by Tony Hsieh (pronounced ‘Shay’)… it was a gift given at an event where he spoke and had all the attendees select their own attendance fee amount, which went directly to charity. The book covers Tony’s entrepreneurial highlights from a very young age all the way through recent events, including the stock transaction purchase of Zappos by Amazon. The lessons learned along with way vary tremendously, and are applicable to pretty much any entrepreneur of any size – I know many will remain in my mind as I build my business and work on focusing in the right areas.

I highly recommend the book – it’s a great read, very entertaining and chock full of great advice and information. It’s always good to get an inside peak at something that appears to be ‘smooth’ and ‘easy’ and find out about the hard work, nail biting moments and perseverance it takes to create that ‘smooth’ and ‘easy’ outward appearance. I find it very inspirational – helps me remember, on those tough days, that if I just stay focused and keep on moving toward my goals, I CAN get there… an important thing to keep in mind when things are a little bleak, so take heart – and read this book!

You can get the book by visiting the website:

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