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Driving Traffic To Your Website

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A common question about online marketing:

What is the best way to drive traffic to my website and find prospects on the internet? How can you generate more traffic to your website…immediately, even if you have no marketing skills?


When it comes to marketing there really is only one way to insure success… build a solid series of systems that you work over and over and over again, test non-stop and continualyperfect everything that is going on. One suggestion is to focus on building relationships in social media, through follow-up sequences and by asking for referrals. Get to know your target market inside and out, and give them tons of great information so that they keep coming back for more and sharing you, as a resource, with others.

The best way to do this is to just dive in and do it. It takes time, energy, planning, testing and more to build marketing models that work in any environment, the internet included.

As for driving traffic to your website, there are many options. Just a few of the options for driving traffic and building your list – and remember, you don’t have to do them all, or all at once. Choose one and master it over the next couple of weeks, then begin to work on mastering another… like the guy with the spinning plates on old TV shows… get one spinning on a stick and make sure it’s stable, then start another, making sure you go back to the first one every now and then to give it a push and keep it going:

Make sure you give these new leads a way to ‘sign-up’ – sign up box on your website/blog – if don’t have get it going, WordPress is easy. Having traffic on your site and not capturing their information is totally wasted effort and energy.

Social Media – drive people to your site for blog posts and for free report, free teleseminar etc
Put an ethical bribe on the back of your business card, point it out to people when you share it with them
Guest Blog Posts
Sign-Up Box on Facebook Fan Page
Tell-A-Friend box on website
Testimonials on other people’s sites
Reviews of related books on Amazon and other sites
Public Speaking
Networking Events
Google Adwords
Joint Ventures

And much more … you must be active and ‘out there’ or they will not come. But, the very first step is to create a way to capture the prospects information, as I mentioned at the top of the list. If you don’t already have an email list building system, there are many to choose from including ConstantContact, Aweber, MailChimp etc. One of my favorites (and I’ve tried many of them) is 1shoppingcart. If you want to check it out, you can use my personal link: Their system has some extra options most of the others don’t, so you can start with just the email list program and add the shopping cart and affiliate program as desired.

There are about 10×1000 other ways to get your name, products, services and websites out into the web sphere – pick one and start today.

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Weekend Inspiration

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Inspiration for your weekend…

We all have days where we aren’t sure we can keep going – we feel overwhelmed, not sure how to proceed, or, maybe even if we want or can proceed. Watch this video and you’ll have a changed perspective on what’s possible for anyone, including you. And be sure to check out the Nick Vujacic’s website.

To your success!

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What is the best way for you to succeed in marketing?

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Another question that comes up often in my teleseminars from a variety of different entrepreneurs is, “How can you succeed in marketing?

The answer includes many things, but the top two in my mind…

First: Constant education for ‘do it yourself marketing’ and

Second: Constant implementation

Education: There are so many excellent books on marketing, if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money building a marketing library, go to your local library and get the books that seem appropriate. Some of the best include Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins, books by Joe Sugarman and Dan Kennedy. Consider investing in your education – sign up for an online course, or a course at your local college. Again, if you aren’t sure which course would be good for you, I have taken many, so may be able to recommend something that would be the right fit for you. Also, I am putting together a marketing essentials ‘A-Z’ course – a compilation of things I’ve absorbed from seminars, books, mentors and experience – putting it together in a way that I’ve not been able to find in one place – a real foundation in the essentials of marketing for small businesses. If you stay on my mailing list you will find out about it when it is ready to launch in the fall.

The first step, as we discussed at the beginning, is to define your target market, develop your niche and create your targeted message, clearly identify your USP etc. Then you can begin to get your message out there through many low-cost and free options. Don’t skimp on the first part though – your success hinges on knowing your target market and knowing how to talk to them. Get really clear on this stuff by going through the exercises, even if they are tough. Then get started on trying different things, testing them, seeing what works. Taking action – implementing what you learn – is ultimately the only thing that will create ‘success’ for you in marketing.

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Are you preventing sales?

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Have you done a ‘secret shopper’ experience with your business?

Checking on your employees phone skills, sending someone to your physical location to see how your sales people do or browsing through your website regularly can help identify places where you might be shutting out buyers. You spend loads of time and money getting prospects to your business – isn’t it worth instituting a regular ‘check-up’ process to make sure you aren’t automatically slamming the door in your hard-won prospects face?

You might even be blaming your marketing, thinking what you are doing is not working, when the real problem is not that people aren’t knocking on your door – heck they might even be pounding on it – but their experience in trying to buy from you makes them run off fuming.

Think about your own experiences with difficult purchasing processes. It’s worth the investment to take some time to make sure the experience you are offering your prospects and clients the best possible experience that you can. Script the people who answer your phones – coach them on using the script and make sure they understand why it’s there, what it’s for and why each point in the script is important. It takes time for people to get comfortable with scripts, but that’s ok. Top professionals, actors, athletes – everyone who succeeds at top levels use scripts. You don’t want your sales people to sound scripted, so they need to learn it and make sure that each point in the script is covered, even if they stray from it after learning it.

If you need help designing and defining the processes to stay on top of you sales people and prospect interactions, check out the Customized Marketing Solutions Session – it’s the perfect way to get help clarifying, testing and fixing where you could be stopping your prospect in their tracks.

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Social Media Marketing And Your Business

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I recently had the distinct pleasure of spending a few hours with the fabulous Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra.

If you want to learn marketing – particularly social media marketing – these two people are terrific. Before developing my Twitter in 12 Minutes a Day Course, I worked with Maritza and Jeff and learned a ton from them – the information they share can help you see and learn marketing for your business in a whole new way.

Take a few minutes (a little over 2 minutes, to be exact) and watch this quick video, and get one of the most important and foundational tips to learn marketing for your business. (And, if you are wondering, we were at the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel in NYC.)

And, if you want to check out Jeff and Maritza, which I highly recommend you do, then follow them on Twitter (@JeffHerring and @MaritzaParra) and see what they are up to.

If you don’t want to watch the video, you can read the video transcription here:

Video Transcription:
Social Media Marketing And Your Business
Interview with Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra

Interviewer: Hi, I’m here with Maritza Parra and Jeff Herring and I’m going ask them a few questions about marketing and social media. I just wanted you guys to share a tip about social media marketing, something that you would recommend for my audience or your own audience that will help them with their business success.

Maritza: I think that the most important thing you can do with social media marketing is start. Start using it. And also automate as much as possible. Payson has a lot of great tips on doing exactly that. But if you don’t get out there, and you don’t get your voice out–whether you’re a retail business or a coach or an author or a speaker, whatever it is that you do–social media marketing is really going to get your message, your products, your services, out there to where people are. It’s like, right now, we’re in the middle of New York City. There’s a ton of people here from all walks of life. With social media marketing, you can actually do some targeting and target your messages to certain audiences. But start doing it today. Because, really, a lot of people are scared of it. They’re scared of being so visible and it’s really important to go ahead and just take the leap, get over the fear, start today. It’s just something that’s growing. This is where the customers are, so that’s where you want to go.

Jeff: I really agree with what Maritza said about starting, begin, keep going. And then the next step is to auto-integrate. We call it AI: automation and integration combined. There’s so much in social media marketing that you can automate, where things are going out while you’re not there, while you’re not watching it.

Maritza: Like right now.

Jeff: Yeah, right now, we’ve got things going out while we’re doing this interview, playing around in New York City with the wonderful Payson. In the integration part you can hook up so many social media sites where an action on one equals result on others. So you do one action, you get multiple results. In that way, you don’t have to spend all your time doing it. The biggest fear I hear from people is, “I don’t want to lose all my time, spend all my time on Twitter and Facebook.” And that can happen if you don’t auto-integrate. If you do auto-integrate, you can do a lot of things quickly, and have it happening while you’re not there. One action gets many results.

Maritza: And–

Jeff: I knew you were going to say that.

Maritza: –he calls me the Queen of the Last Word, so I’m going to have to have the last word. And the last word is, to make sure… one of the big mistakes we see people making is that they get on these social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and they start having a monologue. So basically they’re standing, for example, on a New York street corner and preaching to everyone about, oh you know, whatever. They’re just preaching and having a monologue. Have a dialogue. Start a conversation. Do a blog post. Put it out there and say, hey let’s start talking about it.

Jeff: And, ask questions.

Maritza: Ask questions, definitely. Have a dialogue. Don’t have a monologue, because that will get you no results.

Interviewer: What’s a website where people can look up you guys and see what you offer for people for social media marketing?

Jeff: And also check out Payson’s stuff, she knows this stuff.

Maritza: Yes, Payson’s gotten some fabulous results using social media marketing that she can teach you, so definitely learn from her as much as you can.

Jeff (to Maritza): Any final words?

Interviewer: Thank you both so much.

Jeff: Welcome. Thank you, Payson, we love you.

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