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Two Roads Diverged In A Wood…

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There are many paths you can take as you get your business up and running, but there is one that I see time and time again (and, frankly, have to admit that I know the markers well, because once upon a time, I walked it too…)

(This is a shot from a redwood forest in CA – if you look close
you can see my mom’s head bobbing along one of the paths…)

Perhaps you have experienced this, or watched a fellow entrepreneur go from skipping happily to barely dragging their feet as they go deeper and deeper into the dark woods, only to find that they are lost…

You started your business, built your website, got your great logo (even your mom likes it!), picked your colors and you are ready for business!

There’s just one problem… You built it, but THEY didn’t come.

So, you turn to Social Media – figuring if you post a few times, surely THEY will have to come! So you post, then you post some more… then you find a few games, connect with some long-lost high school friends, and before you know it, you’re days are jam packed FULL of ‘work’ – you can barely find time to do anything other than social media and email!

But, somehow, at the end of the month, you are still scrambling to come up with the cash to pay the bills…

And after a little while, you realize it’s not working the way you thought… you recognize you have a BIG problem on your hands.

You have no idea how to attract prospects and covert them into customers… you get a few here and there – and it’s SO exciting, but it isn’t nearly enough to have that life you dreamed of as you launched this business endeavor.

What are you supposed to do?

I have the answer… it may not be what you want to hear, but it works, time and time again.

Get to work and START MARKETING.

Yes, it can be a bit scary. Yes, it can cost some money. Yes, you might make some mistakes.

But, isn’t that better than not to get anywhere at all? Than to wander in circles in your woods as it gets darker and darker… and you start to hear the sounds of predators (bill collectors?) closing in?

I know it seems a bit ‘simple’, but it really is the answer. Find someone you can learn the basics of marketing from – get a few highly recommended books and take one or two of those hours you spend on Facebook or Twitter (or in that black hole you call an inbox) each day and start reading and learning… then start IMPLEMENTING. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom – to me, knowledge is when you ‘know’ something intellectually – wisdom is when you have the knowledge and the experience of working with it, so you know what works.

Don’t wait any longer – your business’s life is at stake, and most likely, so is yours. Get crackin’.

And, if you think I may have some of what you are looking for, then check out this event where I’ll be speaking and unveiling my new marketing system…

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What I learned from Gary Vaynerchuck

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In the early summer last year I had the pleasure of watching a private interview with Gary Vaynerchuck (ran a camera actually) at Harper Collin’s (he was there working on his most recent book, “The Thank You Economy“, with his editor).

As he was answering the interview questions he said something that just lit me up. What I mean is, I was listening to everything, but that particular piece stood out for me and I took special note of it. I knew it was important, profound even. Later Gary circled back to it and mentioned it again saying he wasn’t sure if they’d understood the gravity of it…

Essentially the crux of what he said was ‘failure’ doesn’t exist for him, and never has. I knew immediately he hit on one of the universal truths of successful people – one of a very small and distinct handful of traits that set successful people apart. Essentially, he said that there was no experience, no initiative – nothing – in his life that he ever considered a failure. If he didn’t ‘win’ or it didn’t go the way he expected or hoped, he learned from it and then looked forward to the next thing.

Imagine how your life might be different if you never, not even for a second (never mind the hours of self-torture most of us put ourselves through over the smallest of things…) gave thought to something that wasn’t exactly the ‘success’ you wanted? What would your life be like? What would you be willing to do? To risk?

A short time after the interview the whole concept was reinforced by a good friend and very successful business woman. We were talking one day about some of the initiatives she’d launched within an organization she runs. I said something about how some of them hadn’t worked out, had ‘failed’.

She looked at me dumbfounded. Completely and utterly dumbfounded.

It had NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO HER that some of what she’d done, because it hadn’t panned out completely, might be seen as a ‘failure’ to other people. And, it certainly wasn’t a failure to her. She’s just not wired that way.

Ever since hearing it, I’ve worked hard to take it to heart. It takes a while to undo years of self-training, but it’s going pretty well so far. What I do to interrupt the pattern is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Notice you’re doing it (that thing you do in your head when you say something or do something that doesn’t work out… or that you say in your head before you even get started, as a way of stopping yourself… yes, I know, I have those moments too…).
  2. Make a decision to think differently about it.
  3. Spend a little time choosing a different thought.
  4. Practice the NEW thought instead of the old one.

I know, sounds really simple, but it’s how every single belief you have and I have is created. Beliefs are nothing but practiced thoughts. Practice different thoughts for a while, and you’ll start to get different results.

Let me know how it goes!

(Oh, and, I’m part way through Gary Vaynerchuck’s, “The Thank You Economy” – it’s great, so be sure to check it out. And, if you’ve never watched one of Gary’s famous Wine Library TV shows, it’s time you did.)

And, stay tuned for an upcoming post on a couple of the other characteristics and traits I’ve noticed are different for ¬†successful people.


Create a Product of Your Own

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In celebration of finally opening the doors to the Boost Your Fame Factor program (Yes! It’s open, so check out the details here), my lovely ‘partner in crime’ Melissa Cassera and I thought we would share the steps we followed to create the program itself for those of you who might want to create a product of your own.

This video walks you, step by step, through everything that we did while we worked on the BFF program, and, if you want even more detail you can enter your information below and get access to the special report we put together on how to create a product of your own.


(The Outtakes Video Is Coming Soon…)

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