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The last of the Ten Tips Video Series on How To Get Clients Using Online Marketing Strategies!

Video Tip #1

In this video I share what I think is the No 1 strategy for getting clients using online marketing… it’s one of those deciding factors between failure and success.



Your Biggest Questions About What You Charge

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Today I wanted to dig in a little bit with you regarding the biggest questions that come up about what you charge, including charging higher fees for your services…

One question I’ve received a lot as I’ve worked with clients around doubling their fees is. “Can I really charge that much?” (How much you mean when you say ‘that much’ will be highly personal and have a lot to do with what I discuss next…)

The answer is… it depends.

It depends on a variety of things, but most importantly, it depends on one key thing. Your confidence and your beliefs. Those are built through a variety of key things – things you need to do in both your personal life and in your business.

Please understand, you are far from alone if you struggle with this. Pretty much everyone does at some point or another as they build their business.

One of the key pieces you need to figure out is how to be completely clear on the transformative value you provide for your clients. When you know exactly what you do and what someone will get out of working with you, then you’ll be much more likely to strut into business conversations with confidence – whether it’s the first time you meet someone, or you are having that very specific ‘are we a good fit for working together’ sales conversation.

What’s the bottom line?

The most confident person wins… if the person you are talking to is more confident, you won’t stand a chance of getting them to understand how you can help them. If you are the confident one, then you’ll find many of the people you meet and talk to will not only be very intrigued by what you have to offer, but they won’t even bat an eye when you tell them your fees.

If you know you’re worth it, and know how to present your value, you’ll be able to not only get more clients, you’ll also be able to charge more… you might even find that you can easily double your fees, or even triple them.

Now, I want to find out more from you… so I put together a (very short!) 2 question survey, would you help me out by answering the questions? Here’s the link:

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Money, money, everywhere…

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Lately, I’ve been getting more and more focused on money. The energy of money, my beliefs about money and the incredibly¬†whacked-out relationship most people have with money.

Seriously, I LOVE the topic, so you’ll be finding a lot more about it from me here. It’s something I seem to end up working on breakingthrough with every single client… even the ones pulling multiple six-figures. When they are looking at cranking things up a notch, the same pesky, annoying little piss-ant thoughts come up that did before they started making good money…

“Can I really charge that much?”
“Can I really command that?”
“Is what I’m doing really worth it?”
“Who am I to do this?”

And, my favorite – because it’s the one that echoes in my head whenever I start to push that certain feels-like-its-made-from-concrete-not-paper envelope… “Am I getting too big for my britches?” Because, you know, my sniveling little ‘you can’t do that!’ voice is from the 1890’s, ok? Just kidding, but really, britches?

Here’s the thing. You absolutely MUST begin to unravel what is going on for you around money…

Why, you ask? It’s simple. If you don’t deal with the blocks, you don’t handle the unreasonable emotions, you don’t get a clue about what is going on in that pretty little head of yours… you won’t make the money you want.

It goes pretty far beyond that too… if you don’t get a leg up here, you won’t have the relationship you want, you won’t have the family you want, you won’t have the business you want… basically you’ll barely scratch the surface of fulfilling what is possible and what would be thrilling to you in your life.

Got it? Good.

Stay tuned for some more ranting, raving and postulating (yes, Payson postulates, go figure…) about money. I’ve got LOTS to share.

And, if you are ready to kick your money beliefs where the sun don’t shine and starting kicking some serious butt in your business… you’ll want to check this out. It’s some info on my new private, one-on-one consulting package,¬†it’s a straightforward, step-by-step plan to make more money in your business in 30 days.

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Video Tip #2 on How To Get Clients Using Online Marketing Strategies

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In this next tip (there’s only ONE more!) I share something that has made a HUGE impact on my business… it’s not what some people would include as a tip for how to get clients using online marketing strategies, but it can make all the difference in the world as you begin to employ each of these others.

Check it out by clicking here:

And, if you missed Tip #3 – all about Social Media – scroll down to the next blog post and you’ll find it there.



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