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In The Moment

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I’ve probably talked about this before, and I’ll probably talk about it again… it’s super important.

Realizing that we only have one moment, the present moment, in which to be or do anything is essential to creating success.

Of course you want to create plans for the future, but when you are working, spending time with family or friends, or giving yourself some down-time, it’s imperative that you stay in the present.

Also understanding that when you feel worried or guilty or concerned about something around your work (or anything, really), you are also not staying in the present. Having those feelings and sensations means some part of your mind is elsewhere and not focused in the now. You’re thinking about what you should be doing, where you should be going and what might happen if… and not a good ‘if’.

Give yourself a little challenge today… see how often you can be completely in the present. You can use your senses to help you stay there…

How do the keys on your keyboard feel under your finger tips?

What does the air flowing into your nose or mouth feel like? Is it cool? Warm? Dry? Damp?

What does it smell like?

You get the idea… : – )




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What Persistence and Tenacity Really Mean

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Ever heard the real story behind the movie Rocky? Here it is, as told by Tony Robbins, and worth every second. Tony Robbins is a masterful story teller and this story is an incredible one. If you ever have one of those moments, days, weeks or even months in your business, listen to this and know your outcome. Persistence. Tenacity. Stay the course, and against all odds you can succeed.



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Creating Momentum

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I’m loving playing with the Pomodoro Technique¬†(you can get a free copy of the ebook there – and a brief description that will get you started if you’re interested).

The basic concept is that you set a timer for 25 minutes and work on whatever project is in front of you for an un-interrupted period of time. Then, you take a break – no exceptions. The first few rounds (3 or so), you take a 5 minute break, then after you do several rounds you take a 20 minute break. I’ve done different versions of it on my own for years, but like the structure of this.

The other day, even though I only had a few slots of time in between other work, I got a ton done – with chunks of time that normally would have been wasted and filled up with things like perusing through email, updating Facebook etc. All those things need to happen, but if you have a 30 minute window, and can use 25 of those minutes on an important project, fitting email in at other times makes a whole lot of sense.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Oh, and you need a timer. I’ve talked about using a timer before, it’s essential to getting things done – at least in my opinion. Whether your timer ticks or not is up to you. Some people find that motivates them and makes them feel excited, like they are racing the clock. Others just find it annoying (I’m in the latter category, so my timer is silent).

A couple of other things about timers – my favorite ones allow me to punch in the number of minutes on a keypad, like a calculator. I don’t enjoy the process of holding down a button to try and get to the right number of minutes, and having something beep at me as the numbers go up.

Here’s one like the one I use (mine’s from Radio Shack, but I got it years ago):


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Too Much Time?

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In the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed something…

I’ve had less time, and yet got more done.

There’s something to that, I think… we stretch the task in front of us out to fit the time ‘envelope’ we have.

So, if you’re finding that you aren’t getting as much done as you’d like, try adding a few things to your schedule. Meet with a few people (prospects, clients, friends – your choice) face-to-face – it gets you out of the house and takes up big chunks of time. It also helps solidify relationships (the backbone of every business), which never hurts.

Once you’ve got some of your loose time taken up, you’ll find that you use that 2 hour window MUCH more effectively, because you have no choice.

Let me know how it goes!

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One of the most important things you can do in your business is to connect and build deep, real relationships. I talked about some aspects of this earlier in the week. Now, I have an assignment, should you wish to take it.

Sit down and make a list of 3 people you want to get to know better that you feel it would be easy to invite to coffee.

Then add 3 more people who you feel it might be harder to invite – perhaps because you perceive them as further down the road of success than you.

Over the next 6 days, send a personal email invitation to each one of them, asking them to join you for an hour to get to know you.

I’m a big proponent of using the phone to build relationships after connecting on social media or meeting at a networking event or conference, but there is nothing like sitting down with someone and really getting to focus on them to take a relationship to the next level.

And don’t worry if 1 or more of your ‘stretch’ people can’t or don’t commit. You made an effort, and I suggest you make yourself a note to reach out again in 6 or 8 weeks.

Enjoy your visits! And… you never know, life-long friendships can start over a cup of coffee… : – )