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Quote to Live By

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“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

‘nough said. :- )

Happy Weekend!


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Marketing – Straight Up

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If you’ve watched this blog over the last few weeks, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the links at the bottom of many taking you to a new webinar I put together to teach some of my best stuff about marketing.

Well, the webinars are over… and people LOVED them. I got loads of emails and comments on social media about how great they were and how much people valued the information.

I also had A LOT of people asking for the replay…

Which, after the first 2 rounds would have been impossible because I completely FORGOT to hit the record button! (We had some technical difficulties and I got distracted…)

I finally remembered on the last round, soooo…

I’ve decided to GIVE YOU ACCESS to the recording. :- )

But, just for about a week. I’ll be taking it down on Oct 5th at 5pm sharp.

So, if you’re interested in watching me reveal some of my best secrets (the ones that have literally CHANGED businesses completely), then click here to register.

Remember, it will only be available until Oct 5th, so don’t miss out – register here and get FREE instant access.

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Going Naked

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:- )

Just the title of the post makes me grin like a goofy kid who’s had too much sugar… :- D

What it means to me, at least right now, in reference to my business, is figuring out how to be comfortable being utterly and completely, nakedly ME.

That means saying what I’m really thinking. That means sharing more of myself than I’ve chosen or felt safe sharing before. That means being utterly honest about who I am.

And, I’m working on it… it’s not an easy undertaking, but I have the sense it will be completely worth it.

Want to join me?

What if you did? What if you decided it was ok to be completely and un-apologetically you? How would your world change? How would you be? Who would you be?

For me, some days it means I’m snarky and boisterous. Some days I’m quiet and introspective. Some days I’m happy and easily delight in the little things. Some days I’m struggling more and feeling challenged. Sometimes it’s all of those things whipping by in short 20-minute increments… but every day it’s an opportunity to be vulnerable, open, trusting and honest. Yikes! It’s scary, but it’s exciting too… and the ways my world can change… it just seems so very worth it.

And, believe me, you are worth it too. Start to show the real you – you are far more wonderful, complex and beautiful than even you may imagine.

Let’s take this journey together…

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Doing Something New

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Yesterday evening I got to do something incredibly special.

I had the privilege of sitting in with a few different groups of adults who have made the decision that it is time to learn to read.

That decision is a completely life altering one, and if it’s firm enough, the changes they will experience are beyond anything they can really even imagine.

It brings tears to my eyes just writing about it… can you imagine a world without words? Without numbers? The doors that can’t be opened… it’s heart breaking.

So, I’ve decided to do something about it, even if it’s just one person, or a small handful, at a time. I am in training to become a tutor for Literacy Partners in NYC.

It means I’ll be doing something very new to me, and helping some other people do something new for them too.

The journey is not an easy one for most adults – they have full time jobs, sometimes 2 jobs, many have children and other responsibilities, so finding time for class and to study is challenging, not to mention the material – learning the alphabet, how to understand written words, build sentences, learn all the rules, AND all the exceptions to the rules… it’s a HUGE undertaking.

Last night inspired me more than I can express. The incredible people who are changing their lives, facing their challenges… it’s truly wonderful.

I encourage you to consider doing something new… maybe it’s something like this is for me – a deep passion…

Maybe it’s visiting a part of your city or town you’ve never been to, maybe it’s going apple picking, or learning a new skill yourself… it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, what matters is that you are stretching yourself and doing something new.

Whatever it is, remember, if you are not growing, you are dying, so make a list of all the things that intrigue, interest or inspire you and start finding out how you can begin to incorporate them into your life.

Yes, it’s a little scary, but the payoff…

Oooooo! It’s HUMONGOUS!


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What Should Be In A Marketing Plan?

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(Nope. Pic has nothing to do with the topic. Just pretty… and maybe it will make you feel better after you read all the things that should be in a marketing plan… ;- ) )

I get the question, “What should be in a marketing plan?”, all the time…

Entrepreneurs understand that they will grow more reliably and effectively if they have a marketing plan (and a marketing calendar, along with a few other key pieces), but they really don’t know what belongs in one.

So, let’s talk about what should be in a marketing plan.

1. The Basics

The first pieces you want to include in your marketing plan are the basics. You want to get super clear on your target market, your ideal customer or client, and the message you are conveying to them. This information serves as a reminder to always focus your marketing efforts toward the people you want to reach and to always keep your primary message in mind as you draft different types of marketing.

This section also needs to include your goals. It can be helpful to have not just your overarching business goals here, but also short and long term business and marketing goals. These can include anything from very strategic pieces to very tactical pieces.

These are the pieces that will help you stay motivated and keep you on track.

2. Differentiators, Core Strategy & Brand Strategy

This is where you will get clear on what is known as your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition. This is the thing that makes you different, that helps you stand out from competitors, and will make you memorable to potential clients.

Here you will also include the core strategy behind the work that you and your business does as well as your brand strategy and how it will help to set you apart. It will also include elements like your story and how you relate to your ideal clients.

3. The Guts

This is where we start to get into the nitty-gritty of what should be in a marketing plan.

This section can vary depending on you and your business, but generally will include some or all of the following:

  • Features & Benefits
  • Marketing Materials
  • Web/Online Strategy
  • Lead Generation Strategy & Plan
  • Lead Conversion Plan
  • Referral Plan
  • Customer Service Plan
  • JV Plan
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Continuity Program
  • Frequent Buyer/Rewards Program
  • PR Strategy
  • Marketing Calendar
  • and more…

4. The Final Pieces

The final pieces that belong in your marketing plan include your testing and tracking systems for key metrics you will watch, your budget information, and any forecasts for your business that are related to your marketing (like your sales forecasts).

As you dig into what should be in your marketing plan, it’s important to understand that as you start out you may not need or want to include all of these pieces in your plan. This can be overwhelming, and therefore, end up counter-productive to your overall process. Your marketing plan should support you, help you to stay on track, and help to keep you accountable to yourself and anyone else who may be involved in your business.

If taking on all of these pieces is too much at the beginning, pick a few sections that will support you now and begin to work with them, setting an appointment in your calendar to re-visit the pieces and work on incorporating more on a monthly or quarterly basis until you have all the bases covered.

And, if you are curious about how to figure out what should go into YOUR marketing plan, check out my upcoming Marketing in the Morning™ webinar here. It’s free and I’m going to be sharing some of my BEST TIPS on making your marketing work – for you and for your bottom line. Don’t miss it – sign up here.