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Breath as Love

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Imagine each breath you take in is the Universe offering you love. It is proof that you are loved, deeply, unconditionally.

And, as you release that breath you are returning your love to the universe.

A steady, regular cycle that simply says, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” back and forth with the Source of All That Is.

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Staying In Flow

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Flow is one of the most important elements in business… it may seem a little ‘woo woo’ to some of you who are looking for concrete and firm marketing information… but one of the most important things any of us can get is understanding that it is ALL energy.

The success? Energy.

The failure? Energy.

The clients? Energy.

The lack of clients? Energy.

So, when you feel like you need to take a couple hours to rest, relax and refresh that is about your energy. When you give yourself that space, to flow with whatever intuitively feels right to you – to rest now, to work on this piece, even if it doesn’t logically seem like the ‘best’ next step… following your ‘gut’ to take you where you really want to go, is about energy too.

If everything in business is energy, then taking the rest time is ‘working’ too… giving yourself that space is when you allow the big creative stuff to download from Source. It’s where the best new stuff comes from. It’s where the big breakthroughs happen – when you trust that you know what is best for you in this moment and flow with it.

You can’t get it done. You can’t do it wrong. Relax. Enjoy. Create.



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Brilliant Marketing Videos

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This example doesn’t lend itself to every business, but if you can demonstrate the extremes of our product’s capacity via video and post it to the internet, not only will you have the potential for rapid and massive viral spread, you’ll probably also get LOADS of customers!

I’m a HUGE Vitamix fan… I’ve had my Vitamix for years and use it almost every day. It’s the one kitchen tool I have taken with me to week-long vacation rentals and the thing I miss most when I’m away and can’t take it along. I’ve probably sold 50 of them to family and friends by talking them up so much.

Well… these videos might just make me consider converting to something else – and that’s SAYING SOMETHING! (Apparently the blending capacity for the 2 is about the same, based on several internet reviews.)

Check out the ‘Will It Blend’ videos from… you can see more here:

Here’s one of my favorites:

The fun music, the happy smile, the 70’s game-show feel – it all rolls into making one WONDERFUL and FUN marketing campaign. And, not once do they have to mention that this is a kick-ass blender that could make a pretty smooth smoothie… if it blends a laptop, I think it can take care of my frozen strawberries – what do you think?

Bottom line is this is a creative and fun way to show the power of this product. You can bet with 100’s of 1000’s of views (some well in the millions) these videos are having a great impact on getting the Blendtec name out into the world.

Enjoy! :- )

And, if you’re ready to start creating compelling, fun and frankly, kick-ass marketing for your own business, don’t miss my Marketing in the Morning™ webinar – you can register here.



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Planning Your Year Just Got A Little Easier – Marketing Planning Process

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The marketing planning process at it’s best! :- )

I know it’s a terrible picture (I could probably get a better one at night without the back-lighting of the windows), but it’ll do the job for now…

It’s a whole year calendar that displays the entire year (1 side is lengthwise, the flip-side is set up width-wise, as you can see on the photos on their website here). For the last couple of years I’ve used a simple large desk calendar from Staples to do my annual planning – and it’s helped tremendously.

When it comes to the marketing planning process, the one big issue I’ve had, is I don’t know what’s coming down the pike. I can’t see ahead to the marketing planning and work that is scheduled for bigger and longer-term projects. So, in the last week of Jan, as I need to be thinking about what’s coming up in the first few weeks of February, it’s hard to tell on a regular flip-a-month-per-page calendar.  (As you can see, the calendar is over my desk, so not that easy to reach to flip.)

This solves that problem!

As I’d already laid out the year on one of those regular calendars, switching to this one was quick and easy – I just cut or trimmed my post-its (the boxes are a bit smaller than the calendar I was using) and put them on the same date spots. There are categories for time off, business events and travel, program launches, planning dates for big projects, marketing start and end dates etc.

Being able to see the whole year will make everything flow MUCH SMOOTHER for me this year – and I know it will help me stick with the calendar even more.

Thank you! :-)

And, if you’re still figuring out your marketing planning process and you don’t have your year planned out yet (and you’d like to work on those things), then don’t miss my upcoming Marketing in the Morning™ webinar. We’ll be talking about getting your marketing in order, which is the start to getting your calendar and plan sorted out… and that leads to more clients, more time for you and more fun than you’ve ever had in your business before. Trust me… it’s working for me! Register here to find out more.


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