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Project Ridiculously Happy

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A couple weeks ago a friend and I decided to spend a day being ridiculously happy. It worked beautifully… it was fun to choose it, it was fun to do it and I felt really great.

Even though the process was fun and pretty easy, it’s, it’s funny how challenging it is to remember to be ridiculously happy. :- D

When I remember, then choose it, things go really well. There are lovely little synchronicities that occur when I’m in that space, things flow smoothly and everything seems to be easy.

When I don’t remember, things go quite differently. And, it’s interesting to notice how ‘hard’ it feels to stay in that place, to consistently choose to be ridiculously happy.

Now, I’m thinking this might be the best New Year’s resolution I’ve ever come up with… instead of doing something like committing to losing some weight (which I could stand to do…), getting in shape, reading more or something else, I might just commit to choosing to be ridiculously happy each day of the coming year.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, it doesn’t mean I’ll succeed in every moment, but what if I chose it every morning, then remembered throughout the day to stick with it. Wonder what would happen…?

And, what would I advise for others who might considering it – even just for a day? What have you got to loose? Why wouldn’t you try it out for a few days and see where it takes you?

If everything you do in life has the end goal of making you happy, what would happen if you chose to be happy now, instead of waiting for all the stars to align ‘just so’?

It’s just a decision – you make it over and over and over in moment after moment of a day. As you do, it becomes easier and easier. You become happier and happier. Life flows more and more smoothly. Why wouldn’t you? :- D

So… will you join me?


P.S. This isn’t about denying other feelings or ‘stuffing down’ emotions. Even within happiness there is room for other things. This is about noticing thoughts and choosing to feel differently in most of the moments of the day.

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