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Music as a Powerful Catalyst

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Sometimes we all need to shift something going on for us… one of the BEST ways I know how is to listen to music, to sing along and to dance, if that feels right.

Recently, things around here have been a little stressed, and while watching one of my favorite *Guilty Pleasure* TV shows So You Think You Can Dance, one of the auditions used this song. It immediately moved me.

Apparently, I needed it, and I needed to let some emotions out – so I found the song on Youtube, bought it on iTunes and listened to it about 6 times before bed, letting the tears flow.

The words don’t really apply to my life at this moment, but it allowed me to access something that had been bound up, it allowed me to release and I am so thankful for that. Today, I feel like a new person for having that experience.

Here’s the song, enjoy it. :- )


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