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What Is Marketing – Part I

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Today I want to dive into a pretty BIG question… What Is Marketing?

The reason I want to explore this is because it’s a question I believe people want to ask, but are often afraid to ask when in a group or when talking to a marketing ‘expert’. Heck, it could be embarrassing, right?

There was a time, some years ago, when I didn’t understand or know what marketing was… I confused sales, PR and marketing and really didn’t understand how the different parts fit together, never mind how they fit in my business.

So, for anyone who really wants to know, “What is marketing?” Let’s dig in… we’ll do this in 3 parts. :- )

The first part, which we’ll cover today, is the overall picture of the activity of ‘marketing’.

According to, this is the primary definition of marketing: the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought, etc.

The secondary definitions add a bit to it, so I’ll include them as well:

1a : the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market

1b : the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service

2: an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer

What does all this tell us? Basically, marketing is any activity that gets the word out about your product or service or helps people to make a purchase of your goods.

So, by definition, it makes sense that I was once confused (and you might be too) about what fits under the umbrella of marketing. Basically – it’s ALL the activities – which means ‘Marketing’ includes PR, it includes sales, and it includes the typical activities most people label as ‘marketing’ – things like advertising, social media, pamphlets, business cards, networking and much, much more.

Now, I do separate PR, Sales and Marketing into 3 sub-categories for marketing as it makes understanding each area much easier, and it has helped me and my clients figure out what areas to place focus as we grow our businesses.

To me, PR, or public relations, is the process of getting ‘editorial’ style coverage for you, your business, product or service. Meaning, someone else is saying things about you to their audience… often, that makes it a VERY valuable piece of the overall promotion and marketing puzzle. Without a doubt it’s one of the things that needs to go into your marketing plan.

And, to me, sales is the process of helping someone determine if you, your product or service is the right fit for what they want or need. Without the sales process, you could do all the marketing and PR you want and you might not ever have money flow into your business. It’s the final step in the marketing process and deserves a great deal of your attention.

Finally, ‘Marketing’ as I’m defining it here are all the activities you do to make people aware of your business, products and services. As I mentioned – everything from advertising to business cards fits into this category – and in order to have a successful business, you’ll need to have a whole SLEW of marketing strategies in place and working for your business to grow.

In the next post we’ll dig more into the question, “What is marketing,” by looking deeper into all the different marketing strategies you can consider as you build out your marketing plan and your business.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Day in and day out I am reminded over and over about how much more clearly and how much louder actions are than the words people say.

When you are building a business understanding this becomes even more important. If someone tells you they will do something, or, conversely, if you tell someone you will do something and then there is no follow-through, what does that say about that person, or about you?

It comes into play at all levels of our lives – with our families, with our business, with our peers and friends, and just as importantly with ourselves.

Start to take the time to really watch what you commit to in all areas of your life – including with yourself. Make it a firm commitment that if you agree to something you will do 1 of 3 things, no matter what:

1 – Fulfill your commitment: Be sure it is on time and in a manner of which you can be proud.

2 – Adjust the terms: If you aren’t going to make the commitment, it’s ok to adjust the agreement as long as you do it prior to any agreed upon deadline. Manage expectations, do your best and be upfront if things aren’t working out the way you’d hoped.

3 – Cancel the commitment: This must be done BEFORE the deadline – and if it has to be done, it should be done WELL BEFORE the deadline. It’s ok to change your mind, as long as you respect yourself and everyone else in the process.

And, when it comes to working with other people, you can let them know that you expect them to fulfill within these parameters (or others, if you decide these don’t work for you) prior to getting started. If they can’t manage to stay within these guidelines, you probably want to go elsewhere with your relationships.

Now, let’s tie this to your marketing and marketing strategies. How does this concept apply?

Both with yourself and with others you may engage for support, services, partnerships etc.

Once you commit to yourself that you are going to do something specific with your business, products, services, marketing, marketing strategies, sales – whatever it is – you need to set yourself up for success and follow 1 of these 3 guidelines too. Make sure whatever you are planning is actually DOABLE so you can aim for #1 and fulfill the commitment.

Listen, not all marketing works the first time around (in fact, most doesn’t), so make your job continuing to do the work, to track the results and make changes. Don’t judge yourself based on the outcome, be pleased with yourself for DOING THE WORK. That is more important that anything else – just do the work.

And, if you engage someone else’s services or support for your marketing or marketing strategies, or you engage in a joint venture or partnership, make sure the other person is approaching things with this kind of attitude. You’ll find you get much further if you start out on the same page, so doing the work to set the expectations up front – so everyone knows what they are responsible for, what the deadlines are etc – will make everything much more likely to succeed.

Remember, actions always speak louder than words. Watch yourself and others around you and you’ll see this is one of those simple and true facts about our reality.


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Marketing Concepts: Outcomes, Results And More

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In the past few weeks I’ve had a ton of conversations about the marketing concepts around features, and the outcomes and results people get from my client’s products and services.

It seems this is a tough area for a lot of people… something they get stuck on frequently, so I thought I’d dig into this marketing concept a little more and see if I can shed some light on it for you too.

What most people do…

When most people start to share about their product or service – whether that’s in a networking conversation, in some form of writing, or even in interviews and media – very often they are talking about the features of what they have or what they do.

The features are the factual bits and bobs about what you’ve got… like how many hours of private time come in a coaching package, or how many bells and whistles this doodad has and what color it comes in.

If you are talking about what you’ve got in that way, I would bet money that you aren’t seeing great results from your marketing efforts. There’s a reason…

What you want to do…

People buy because they want a particular result. There are lots of them that people want…  Here are a few of the biggest…

People want to make money, they want to have more time, they want to feel good about their body/appearance and they want fulfilling and intimate relationships. These are the outcomes, the results people are looking for… and in most cases, pretty much any product or service can be tied to them, or something like them, in some way. Sometimes you will need to be a little creative, but that’s one of the fun things about marketing!

You may not want to talk about your product or service in these terms, but the bottom line is that if you aren’t talking about how what you’ve got will create a transformation and give someone results and outcomes that they desire, you’ll find your marketing is more ‘miss’ on the hit-and-miss scale than right on the bull’s-eye.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing concepts that you can apply to your business to help you get the clients and cash flow you’re looking for, don’t miss my upcoming Marketing in the Morning webinar… you can register here.


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Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

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What is a ‘customer driven marketing strategy’ you ask?

It is a marketing strategy that keeps your customers squarely in the middle of everything you do… from the beginning stages right through the end… and it’s the only kind of strategy you will want to use for your business.

Here’s a bit about what goes into a customer driven marketing strategy:

Focused On Your Target Market

This means you know as much as you possibly can about who they are, what they want, what they need, what their preferences are and more. You understand all of the demographics and psychographics of your target market (you can read more about those here) that is possible, and you take every opportunity to learn more. Then, you make sure all of your marketing is planned and oriented toward them and what they want… sometimes that means forgetting completely about you and what you want if your market is different than you or varies from you and your wants, needs, and preferences.

Satisfying BIG Wants and Meeting BIG Needs

This means that all of your marketing is focused on helping your current and potential clients understand how what you have or what you do satisfies their most important wants and needs. Oftentimes people are more motivated to take care of their wants than their needs (Example? Most of us would rather buy a new dress, new shoes, or an awesome new smart phone than tires for our car…). Customer driven marketing strategy is all about educating your prospects and clients on how what you’ve got meets what THEY want and what THEY need.

Finding Out What THEY Think

With customer driven marketing strategy you are always interested in your people… so you ask them for feedback ALL THE TIME. You conduct surveys, you talk with them and ask questions, you find out how they are using your product or service, how it’s working for them and how you can make it better. This sounds challenging, but it’s really pretty easy – it’s about having conversations and focusing on collecting information all about THEM. People love to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions, so you focus on giving them room to do it and you let that information guide your future product and service development and ALL of your marketing.

The Big Bang For Your Effort

Many things can come from customer driven marketing strategy… just a couple include building tremendous customer loyalty and raving fans. When people feel truly taken care of and understood they share their joy and delight with others, and they keep coming back for more.

How can you look at your marketing efforts and begin to shift them to customer driven marketing strategy?

And, if you want more information on creating and building marketing strategy that works to bring in clients and create raving fans, check out my upcoming webinar. You can register here.



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Marketing Concepts: 3 Types of Clients.

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Today’s marketing concept (you can find more marketing concepts posted here) is the 3 basic types of customers any business can have.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs only focus on 1 type of customer – the NEW CUSTOMER. It’s a BIG mistake… so let’s talk about the other 2.

The 2nd type?

The LOST CUSTOMER. This is someone who was a client, perhaps for a while, but hasn’t come back and engaged in your products or services for a while (how long needs to be determined by you and your biz).

Lost customers are a great opportunity for any business. They are people who bought what you had – may have even been really happy with it (if they weren’t then there is a different discussion that needs to be had about quality of products, services and experiences within your biz), but for some reason, they’ve either not wanted or needed what you have since the last time they bought, or they’ve gone somewhere else.

Coming up with a lost customer campaign, designed to re-engage you past customers who are no longer with you can boost your relationships and bring in a big chunk of business. Best of all? You already have their contact information in your database, so reaching out is easy. It can also be creative and fun.

The 3rd type of customer?


Most people don’t think about current customers as one of the best places to get ‘new clients’. Finding out what else your current customers want and need to solve problems related to your business gives you the opportunity to create new products and services that provide tremendous value to your clients, as well as making them more valuable to your business.

Most businesses don’t realize that their current customer database is a gold mine of information just waiting to be tapped. Find out what else your clients want and need – do some surveys online, call a few of them each week. Then, build what they want, or find someone who does and make the connection as part of a joint venture arrangement. It can be a win-win-win.

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