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Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

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What is a ‘customer driven marketing strategy’ you ask?

It is a marketing strategy that keeps your customers squarely in the middle of everything you do… from the beginning stages right through the end… and it’s the only kind of strategy you will want to use for your business.

Here’s a bit about what goes into a customer driven marketing strategy:

Focused On Your Target Market

This means you know as much as you possibly can about who they are, what they want, what they need, what their preferences are and more. You understand all of the demographics and psychographics of your target market (you can read more about those here) that is possible, and you take every opportunity to learn more. Then, you make sure all of your marketing is planned and oriented toward them and what they want… sometimes that means forgetting completely about you and what you want if your market is different than you or varies from you and your wants, needs, and preferences.

Satisfying BIG Wants and Meeting BIG Needs

This means that all of your marketing is focused on helping your current and potential clients understand how what you have or what you do satisfies their most important wants and needs. Oftentimes people are more motivated to take care of their wants than their needs (Example? Most of us would rather buy a new dress, new shoes, or an awesome new smart phone than tires for our car…). Customer driven marketing strategy is all about educating your prospects and clients on how what you’ve got meets what THEY want and what THEY need.

Finding Out What THEY Think

With customer driven marketing strategy you are always interested in your people… so you ask them for feedback ALL THE TIME. You conduct surveys, you talk with them and ask questions, you find out how they are using your product or service, how it’s working for them and how you can make it better. This sounds challenging, but it’s really pretty easy – it’s about having conversations and focusing on collecting information all about THEM. People love to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions, so you focus on giving them room to do it and you let that information guide your future product and service development and ALL of your marketing.

The Big Bang For Your Effort

Many things can come from customer driven marketing strategy… just a couple include building tremendous customer loyalty and raving fans. When people feel truly taken care of and understood they share their joy and delight with others, and they keep coming back for more.

How can you look at your marketing efforts and begin to shift them to customer driven marketing strategy?

And, if you want more information on creating and building marketing strategy that works to bring in clients and create raving fans, check out my upcoming webinar. You can register here.



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Marketing Strategies

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Today I want to talk a little bit about marketing strategies.

When you have solid strategies, that makes sense for the goals and outcomes you want for your business, then often you don’t need bunches and bunches of them. A good handful, done consistently and done well can create the success you desire.

Of course, it’s always helpful to continue to add strategies over time, but like pillars for a heavy roof, getting started with 4 solid ones will do a lot of the work. Then you want to build more to make sure if one of those comes down for any reason, there are others to hold up the roof.

And, when you are building it, think about it like balancing spinning plates.

Some performers, will take a long stick and set a plate on top of it, spinning the plate so that it stay balanced on top of the stick. If they attempted to put several of those plates up in the air at the same time, they would fail and the plates would break.

However, if they take their time, getting the first plate balanced and spinning before they start the second one, then the third, fourth and so on, they can have many plates in the air and keep them there just by pushing them lightly in succession to keep them spinning.

Think about your marketing strategies the same way. Ultimately you will need multiple strategies (like the pillars), but if you take your time and build a few solid ones carefully and deliberately, making sure they are working for your business before you focus on new ones, you’ll find that before long you have multiple strategies bringing new prospects and customers to your business.

If you’re a bit stuck on strategies and marketing, not sure exactly what strategies are necessary, what will work for your business and how to ‘balance your spinning plates’ then be sure to sign up for the early bird notification of  Marketing in the Morning™, a new program I’m building to help you with exactly that. You can be one of the first ones notified by signing up here.


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Marketing In The Morning™

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Marketing In The Morning™ is a philosophy and program I am working on building to share with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are interested in really making their businesses grow.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be building the foundation for each module and sharing some pieces of information about what’s included.

The basic idea behind it is that most of us don’t spend enough time doing the things that will bring prospects and clients into our businesses (marketing), so if we make that our priority, spending a few hours (yes, a few HOURS) in the morning, we’ll see a dramatic increase in the way our businesses grow.

The big problem is that most people just aren’t sure what to do with the time, they don’t know enough about what makes marketing work, they don’t understand how to create solid strategies that will help them stand out, and much more. That’s where Marketing in the Morning™ will come in – filling in those blanks so you can build marketing strategies and systems that crank things into high-gear.

I’m a big believer in consistent and persistent actions, if you apply the basics consistently over time, you eventually build master. My goal with Marketing In The Morning™ is to give you the basics and support you in making marketing consistent and persistent in your business, so you can master the tools and create the business you desire.

If you want to be notified when the Marketing In The Morning™ program is ready, you can fill out the information below:

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