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Here’s Tip #3 of the Ten Tips Series on How to Get Clients Using Online Marketing Strategies

In this video we talk about one of the best and most effective ways to get clients using online marketing strategies – Social Media.

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments section below or in the comments on YouTube – Enjoy!

This week’s small business marketing strategy is all about making the most of your time with the right social media tools…

There are literally thousands of business tools out there that can help you in every arena of business, but today, I’m just going to talk about two of my favorite tools for Social Media.

Tool #1

Social Buzz Club

This is a brand new tool that was just written up in the Social Media Examiner – I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in their testing and trial process, so really got to dig in and see what the tool was all about. I was also gifted with 50 free trials for 60 days each (and there’s no auto-enroll at the end of the 60 days, so no accidentally paying for it if you aren’t using it… and if you are interested in one of the trial memberships – if there’s one left, you can click here.)

What the Social Buzz Club does is give people who are serious about spreading their content and business through social media, and in particular social media professionals, a place to get some help with buzz for their content and for their client’s content. There are some minimum requirements, which, as small business owners who are using the web, you should be able to fulfill (if not, then please read back through older posts on this blog and on others about online and social media marketing – you need to get busy!).

You earn points by sharing other people’s content through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and 2 social bookmarking sites, StumbleUpon and Digg – once you have 5 points (you’ve shared 5 times), you get to post your own stuff to be shared by others.

This tool has the potential to be HUGE and to really help boost your exposure when you need it, so join in, start sharing and earn the right to get buzz around your stuff when you need to. (This is my personal link for the few remaining spots out of my original 50 free trials – not sure if they’ll be opening up more, so grab them while they’re hot! Click here for the Social Buzz Club.)


Tool #2


I’ve talked about this tool before… and last week I went through it with a client helping her maximize it’s potential and was reminded what an amazing and powerful tool it is. You can find the most targeted people to start building your followers, consistently grow your follower base, help augment your tweets (and even Facebook page updates) with links to your content and much more.

If you aren’t using it as part of your small business marketing strategy, you will definitely want to check it out. Everyone I know who starts to dig into it is blown away by everything it can do and how much time it saves. (Again, this is my personal link to TweetAdder, don’t dilly dally with this one, get it, set it up and watch while it makes building your Twitter account nearly effortless.)


Q & A Thursday: Twitter Marketing Tips

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For our first Q & A Thursday we have a question about Twitter:


Julie asks, “How can you get your tweets to stand out among the sea of tweets that people receive?”


The answer to this question is similar to the answer to questions about how to get your marketing messages noticed in all different kinds of media. Twitter can be a very successful from of media when used correctly – which really isn’t too hard to do…

1. It’s About What THEY Want: The way you get noticed is you make sure that your tweets (or marketing message anywhere, really) is all about something your target market wants to know more about. You want to make sure you lead with a benefit that your prospect on Twitter wants, and wants BAD. The more it is something they have a keen and intense desire for the more likely they will be to notice the tweet and click on a link. (By the way, you should be including links to lots of great content and information that you are sharing… that’s what you’re doing, right?)

2. Make It About THEM: Use ‘You’ in your tweets – make it about THEM, what THEYare experiencing, what THEY want, what THEY need and what clicking through will do for THEM. It’s not about you. It’s about THEM.

3. Make it Frequent: Because of the speed with which most things fly through people’s Twitter feed, you need to post your tweets and links more than once. Generally you can’t post a duplicate tweet within a short period of time, but you can paste the same tweet into the text box and then change up the words a bit and schedule the tweets to go out a few times a day over the course of several days. That way the people who are on Twitter at any given moment will have a chance of seeing it if they are watching their Twitter feed.

4. Get Listed: You want to get listed as many times as possible – what does that mean? A list is a sub-set of Twitter users that someone follows. I have a variety of lists, including friends, peers, other marketers, people I want to build relationships with, people who’ve purchased my products etc. When you are on someone’s list, it is like being on their ‘short’ list – the short list of tweeters and tweets they are most likely to read. How do you get listed? Share great content and people will notice. When they do, and they decide they like you, the’ll add you to a list. If you retweet them often, or interact with them, they will be likely to add you to a list as well.

If you want some more tips about what makes for great content on Twitter, how to use Twitter more effectively for marketing and sales and on how to use my FAVORITE Twitter tool, Hootsuite, check out the FREE webinar here: Twitter Selling Secrets

Next Q & A Thursday:

Do you have a question for Payson? Submit it here and it could be selected for Q & A Thursday!

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Is Social Media Bad For Your Business?

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It’s a good question, and one that not nearly enough entrepreneurs are engaging seriously. There are many of you out there that are spending a ton of time on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn without tracking the results, so you really have no clue whether it’s helping your business, or taking up time that might be better spent growing your business in other ways.

(Social Media Icons by TheG-Force)

Let’s look at how you can start to determine if social media is good for your business, or bad for it.

First answer these questions, and do it honestly! No one’s going to see the answers but you, and they will only serve you if you are brutally honest:

How much time do you spend on social media each day? (If you don’t know the answer, then pull out a piece of paper and for the next 3-4 days, write down every task you do, the time you start and the time you finish. Account for every moment – this exercise alone could change your whole business.)

How much traffic do you drive to your website from your social media activities?

Do you have a way to capture your website visitor’s information when they come to your site (for them to opt-in and sign up for a free gift, newsletter etc)?

How many people sign up on your website each day (meaning how many people add themselves to your email list each day)

Do you have sales that trace directly back to relationships built on social media?

Are you making offers and promotions on social media?

Do you know if your offers and promotions on social media lead to sales? If the answer is ‘yes’, how much of your income came from social media contacts or promotions last month? This month?

Have you gotten any press coverage through social media? Has that press coverage lead directly or indirectly to sales for your business?

Now that you have answered these questions (which may have been pretty challenging for many of you), you can use your answers to determine if social media is helping you grow your business or not.

The bottom line is, if you are using social media correctly, you will be tracking the answers to these questions, and the ones that have a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer will all be ‘Yes’. If you aren’t and you answered ‘No’ to some of the questions, it’s time to review your social media strategy, get some help making it more effective and make sure you are tracking the results of your efforts.


Two Roads Diverged In A Wood…

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There are many paths you can take as you get your business up and running, but there is one that I see time and time again (and, frankly, have to admit that I know the markers well, because once upon a time, I walked it too…)

(This is a shot from a redwood forest in CA – if you look close
you can see my mom’s head bobbing along one of the paths…)

Perhaps you have experienced this, or watched a fellow entrepreneur go from skipping happily to barely dragging their feet as they go deeper and deeper into the dark woods, only to find that they are lost…

You started your business, built your website, got your great logo (even your mom likes it!), picked your colors and you are ready for business!

There’s just one problem… You built it, but THEY didn’t come.

So, you turn to Social Media – figuring if you post a few times, surely THEY will have to come! So you post, then you post some more… then you find a few games, connect with some long-lost high school friends, and before you know it, you’re days are jam packed FULL of ‘work’ – you can barely find time to do anything other than social media and email!

But, somehow, at the end of the month, you are still scrambling to come up with the cash to pay the bills…

And after a little while, you realize it’s not working the way you thought… you recognize you have a BIG problem on your hands.

You have no idea how to attract prospects and covert them into customers… you get a few here and there – and it’s SO exciting, but it isn’t nearly enough to have that life you dreamed of as you launched this business endeavor.

What are you supposed to do?

I have the answer… it may not be what you want to hear, but it works, time and time again.

Get to work and START MARKETING.

Yes, it can be a bit scary. Yes, it can cost some money. Yes, you might make some mistakes.

But, isn’t that better than not to get anywhere at all? Than to wander in circles in your woods as it gets darker and darker… and you start to hear the sounds of predators (bill collectors?) closing in?

I know it seems a bit ‘simple’, but it really is the answer. Find someone you can learn the basics of marketing from – get a few highly recommended books and take one or two of those hours you spend on Facebook or Twitter (or in that black hole you call an inbox) each day and start reading and learning… then start IMPLEMENTING. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom – to me, knowledge is when you ‘know’ something intellectually – wisdom is when you have the knowledge and the experience of working with it, so you know what works.

Don’t wait any longer – your business’s life is at stake, and most likely, so is yours. Get crackin’.

And, if you think I may have some of what you are looking for, then check out this event where I’ll be speaking and unveiling my new marketing system…

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