5 Steps to the Buying Decision


When you are developing marketing materials it is important to think about the mental buying process of your target prospect…

There are, essentially, 5 steps that every prospect will go through when considering your ‘offer’. If you follow these logical steps and make sure you answer each of these ‘questions’ your prospect has you will have a much higher chance of success.

Be sure to clearly show the prospect what you can do for them and remember to include an offer or a ‘call to action’ – get them to do something to initiate an interaction with you – redeem a coupon, call your office for an appointment, visit your store, mail in an order form, enter their information on your website, make a purchase etc.

The 5 Steps:

  1. Make the prospect aware of their need and/or desire
  2. Show the prospect that there is something that fulfills their need or desire
  3. Clearly identify your product or service as the best ‘source’ for fulfilling their need or desire
  4. Get them to accept the value and price proposition
  5. Give them reasons to act now

In most cases you will do best to start with step one, but if your product or service is something that the prospect knows they have a clear need for, like soap for example, you can start with step 2.

Essentially, every marketing message being delivered via any medium should adhere to this type of clear, effective and proven structure, whether you are marketing direct to the consumer or business to business. Step the prospect through the steps and your chances of having them take the action you outline will go up exponentially.

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