Are you preventing sales?


Have you done a ‘secret shopper’ experience with your business?

Checking on your employees phone skills, sending someone to your physical location to see how your sales people do or browsing through your website regularly can help identify places where you might be shutting out buyers. You spend loads of time and money getting prospects to your business – isn’t it worth instituting a regular ‘check-up’ process to make sure you aren’t automatically slamming the door in your hard-won prospects face?

You might even be blaming your marketing, thinking what you are doing is not working, when the real problem is not that people aren’t knocking on your door – heck they might even be pounding on it – but their experience in trying to buy from you makes them run off fuming.

Think about your own experiences with difficult purchasing processes. It’s worth the investment to take some time to make sure the experience you are offering your prospects and clients the best possible experience that you can. Script the people who answer your phones – coach them on using the script and make sure they understand why it’s there, what it’s for and why each point in the script is important. It takes time for people to get comfortable with scripts, but that’s ok. Top professionals, actors, athletes – everyone who succeeds at top levels use scripts. You don’t want your sales people to sound scripted, so they need to learn it and make sure that each point in the script is covered, even if they stray from it after learning it.

If you need help designing and defining the processes to stay on top of you sales people and prospect interactions, check out the Customized Marketing Solutions Session – it’s the perfect way to get help clarifying, testing and fixing where you could be stopping your prospect in their tracks.

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