How Important Is Twitter?


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This week I got a question about Twitter that I think can benefit a lot of people, so I’ll share it here.

Basically, the question was, “How important is Twitter?”

As someone who was able to use Twitter to create more than a 1231% increase in sales during the holiday season, almost exclusively using Twitter, you might think that I would say it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Well, if that’s what you thought, you’d be wrong…

At least in part…

I believe Twitter is a great media for building relationships with prospects, growing your business and ultimately, creating sales, BUT IT CERTAINLY IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

As an example, we’ll take my business. I help entrepreneurs of many sizes learn basic 101 marketing strategies, build customized marketing solutions and develop a marketing plan that will allow their business to kick some serious butt. Twitter is a phenomenal place for me to share information, build relationships and reach prospects. I use very specific strategies that I designed allowing me to limit my time and still be extremely effective. Clearly, Twitter is a good place for me – and it’s important to my overall marketing strategy.

Now, If you had a business marketing, for example, a retirement community to people over the age of 65 Twitter might not be the best use of my time and energy. It may seem a bit obvious (perhaps even a touch ludicrous), but that average age demographic of Twitter users is no where NEAR 65. If you chose to spend time, energy and maybe even some money building a great “Twitter Strategy” it would be an absolute and utter waste. In this instance Twitter is DEFINITELY NOT IMPORTANT.

So, how do you know if Twitter is important for your business?

You have to know who your target market is – EXACTLY who your target market is. Then you need to find out if they are playing on Twitter – and if they are, then you can build a strategy that will let you play with them, and if they aren’t you can figure out how to better use your time, energy and money.

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