The future of the Web and Our World

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It is amazing that the internet has only really been around in our daily lives for a little over 10 years. Yes, some people were on sooner, and the first web page went live approximate 20 years ago (according to Mashable.com), but the impact on our every day world has been increasing as each day goes by. There is no question that it will continue to change our world, and probably at an even faster pace in the upcoming years.

Mashable did a great article (you can read it here – and I totally recommend you do – it’s great) on where things are headed. I agree with everything they said and am so excited about many of the changes – everything from voice recognition becoming common place and replacing keyboards and touch interfaces becoming the norm (say goodbye to your mouse) to world wide wireless web access.

It is important to follow these trends and understand how they will continue to change business, marketing and sales over time. I have businesses today because of the web, the prevalence of internet access and the ease of internet marketing. What about you? Where would your business be today without them? Maybe your business wouldn’t exist either.

If you can watch the trends that are developing and figure out how to play along (like figuring out how to use or build an app for the iphone that can support and market your business), you can get in on changes early and take advantage of the low levels of competition. Imagine if you had started email marketing in the days when people like me were checking email 10 times a day only to find there was just 1 email every 3rd time I looked?

What can you see on the horizon that can give your business an advantage? Who can you get to help you act on that now, instead of later, when others have already begun to fill the gaps?

Keep in mind that 101 marketing strategies – the real basics – will always drive the underlying technology, interactions and relationships. Knowing the essentials and learning how to create customized marketing solutions for your business, using the trends as they grow and develop, will be absolutely key.

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