The three M’s of Marketing: 101 Marketing Strategies


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Part of the basis 101 Marketing Strategies (101 meaning beginning level) includes the three M’s of Marketing. I’m sure I will come back and touch on this again and again (and just did a video to supplement it, but haven’t finished editing it yet…) as it is the basis of everything in marketing.

The three M’s are:

  1. Market
  2. Message
  3. Medium

And, in that order. It is a very common error for many entrepreneurs and small business people to start with the wrong ‘M’ – often they start with Medium, because it’s easier or they are desperate to get started and get some money rolling. The problem with that is, it rarely, if ever works.

With practice identifying your market and developing a clear message that speaks loudly and directly to that market is not that hard, but when you are first starting out, that can be very challenging. And, once you do define the market and get a clear message, it sometimes takes a lot of effort to make the changes in your marketing to reflect this new information and discipline yourself to only reaching for that target market and staying true to the specific message.  Start at the beginning and then stick to the basics, you’ll be really glad you did.

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  1. Payson says:

    If you have any thoughts about your market – please share them with me. Love to hear from entrepreneurs!

  2. Len Rosen says:

    I agree with you that getting a clear message is a critical step before choosing the medium. What I would like to get your opinion on is the handling of the message in different media. Although your brand message should be clearly defined, every media choice you make may require a very different subtext to the main message.

  3. Payson says:

    Hi Len,
    I definitely agree with that. The media should definitely be considered when crafting the message, but the basis of it will remain the same, so that it is consistent across platforms. For example, a radio interview allows for a very different version of your message than a customized pen – and each of those may only be good for certain businesses, under certain circumstances. All media is good and useful, but not for every message, every business or all the time. Thanks for your comment!

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