Under Pressure…


Do you feel intense pressure most days as you chug along working on your business?

If so, it often helps to recognize that pressure, like so many other things, is self-inflicted.

We feel it because we feel like we have a ton of stuff to get done, like we have a bunch of deadlines approaching, like we don’t want to disappoint anyone and on and on and on.

You only have one moment at a time each day, and you can only work on one thing at a time (despite what people say and think about multi-tasking). If that’s the case,  then doesn’t it make sense to focus on that one thing you are doing right now, and letting everything else go from your mind? Having it churning around in the back of your thoughts will keep you somewhat distracted from the task at hand, which will make you less effective… And, to top it off, it won’t help you get anything else accomplished either.

It’s not necessarily easy to shift this kind of a pattern if you’ve been engaging it for a while, but like many other worthwhile endeavors, if you begin to practice, you’ll find that within a few days things feel different.

Within a few months, things can be dramatically different.

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