Every once in a while something comes along that gets my blood pumping… the song on this Gatorade commercial did it…

So, I tried to figure out if I could buy it, and started looking around. After checking a few links finally came up with the Gatorade site where you can download it for FREE! :-)

(Here’s the link: Evolve)

What I love about this song is it’s rhythm and inspiring lyrics (you can read them here).

There are so many lyrics I love in it, here’s a sample:
No matter what they do, they can’t break your stride, evolution is a thing that starts inside…

Hope it helps you get motivated as you finish up the weekend and get ready for another week. Enjoy!

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  1. sreekumar says:

    Really appreciate the efforts you are making. Pl continue.

  2. Payson:

    Thanks for the great post. Just what I needed today. My favorite part of the lyrics are: No matter what they do they cant break your stride Evolution is a thing that starts inside…
    I must agree with you on this.

    I love the peppiness of the song, but the lyrics are really amazing.

  3. Payson says:

    So glad you enjoyed it Susan! It is currently one of my favorite ‘Get To It’ songs. So excited that it can be downloaded for free, although I would happily have paid for it. :-)

  4. Payson says:

    Thank you Sreekumar. :-)