“Whatever fear invents, I swear it makes no sense…”

~Peter Gabriel, Come Talk To Me

Where is fear stopping you in your life?

For me, it comes up around simple things, big things, small things – it’s all over the place. Like a little kid left to his own devices with a big bottle of chocolate syrup… it’s a freaking mess.

So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Well, I think taking action on things where fear is doing it’s darnedest to invent all kinds of crap to turn you around and screw you up is just like building a bulging muscle.

The more you play with it, the more you acknowledge it, let it be what it is, but then do the thing anyway, the stronger you get and the more space you have the next time around.

‘Course, there’s another piece here… from the Law of Attraction standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to ‘do it anyway’ – what makes sense is to get into a better feeling place around the thing, THEN take the action. That’s building a muscle too…

Whatcha gonna do to build your muscle today? And which one do you want to build?

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  1. RaineyDay says:

    This time when I tried…the blog opened up?! So ……YAY!
    And I so appreciate getting into a better feeling place around the fear. Acknowledge the fear and then move forward with a sense of understanding and
    purpose. That’s empowering. Thx xx-rd

  2. Payson says:

    Totally agree, that is empowering Rainey. :-) xoxo!