Following Your Intuition


There are SO many examples in my life – both personal and business – where when I did, or did not follow my intuition the consequences were significant.

The first one that stands out profoundly was about a year and a half into my first jewelry line. I had several pieces of jewelry placed in a major motion picture, with big name actor and knew I wanted to take advantage of the PR opportunities, so I started looking around for a PR rep.

I called offices all over the NY and NJ area, and mostly found out that they expected $10K/month, and a 3-6 month minimum. I was just starting out, most of my money went into materials for my jewelry and there was no way I wanted to swing that. So, I started asking around.

Unfortunately, at the time, I was the way many entrepreneurs are – alone. I didn’t have a tribe of other entrepreneurs to turn to for help. And, it cost me – DEARLY.

I found a woman who was helpful when I had some jewelry on the Tim Gun’s Guide to Style Show (they’d done something wrong with the credit and she helped me sort it out), so I reached out to her. We talked several times, I called all her references and everything seemed good. She was still expensive, but less so than everyone else I’d spoken to.

So, I hired her – with a BIG deposit of over $7500 and a monthly ‘retainer’ of $1500.

Then, I got the hit.

As soon as I completed the contract I got super sick to my stomach. I mean SUPER sick. I knew what it meant – it meant I was doing the wrong thing.

I chose to ignore the information and proceeded anyway.

To make a much longer story short… I spent close to $12,000.00 with the woman and received a 12 page write up about the jewelry industry and NOTHING ELSE.

It’s a bit embarassing to share this, but I think it’s an important example of two things.

Within a couple of months of engaging her services I found a women’s entrepreneur network here in NYC that was simply amazing. And, I found out very quickly that I shouldn’t have paid nearly what I did, and I should have gotten WAY more results. I quit working with the woman, but the damage was already done.

It’s a reminder to me of two things. First, always ALWAYS find your tribe. Get out there and find some like-minded entrepreneurs to network and socialize with so you can get some support around the big decisions, learn from them and share what you’ve learned.

Second, follow your gut. If you get strong information, like I did in that scenario, follow it. It will ALWAYS guide you to the right answer for you.

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