Going Naked


:- )

Just the title of the post makes me grin like a goofy kid who’s had too much sugar… :- D

What it means to me, at least right now, in reference to my business, is figuring out how to be comfortable being utterly and completely, nakedly ME.

That means saying what I’m really thinking. That means sharing more of myself than I’ve chosen or felt safe sharing before. That means being utterly honest about who I am.

And, I’m working on it… it’s not an easy undertaking, but I have the sense it will be completely worth it.

Want to join me?

What if you did? What if you decided it was ok to be completely and un-apologetically you? How would your world change? How would you be? Who would you be?

For me, some days it means I’m snarky and boisterous. Some days I’m quiet and introspective. Some days I’m happy and easily delight in the little things. Some days I’m struggling more and feeling challenged. Sometimes it’s all of those things whipping by in short 20-minute increments… but every day it’s an opportunity to be vulnerable, open, trusting and honest. Yikes! It’s scary, but it’s exciting too… and the ways my world can change… it just seems so very worth it.

And, believe me, you are worth it too. Start to show the real you – you are far more wonderful, complex and beautiful than even you may imagine.

Let’s take this journey together…

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