Going With The Flow Vs Making Things Happen


It’s an interested juxtaposition…

Some people say you should go with the flow, do what feels right and follow your intuition.

Some people say you have to MAKE things happy, go after life and grab it by the balls, pushing yourself to the success that you want.

This is something that still makes me wonder, but ultimately, I actually think it may have to do with your own personality – your personal style.

If you get a thrill from that drive, if it makes you soar to think about pushing the envelope, getting out there and stirring things up, then that actually FEELS GOOD to you. That actually is ‘going with the flow’ for you.

If you are a different sort, more subtle, and someone that needs space to think and to feel the inspiration, then doing that will lead you to the place of success you seek, not trying to be like someone else.

There is a hitch though… fear can interfere with our natural state, making it hard for us to take even inspired action. That is where trust and faith step in.

If you’re struggling with taking action in the way that you want to, stop and take a deep breath.

See if you can figure out if you are pushing in a way that isn’t part of your nature, see if you are trying to follow someone else’s model and it’s just not who you are.

Or, see if you are stuck because of fear.

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