Intuition, Business and Life


It’s an interesting thing how much resistance I have to sharing about intuition in my business…

It’s particularly interesting because I am surrounded by other female entrepreneurs who feel very similarly to the way that I do… and because in the cases where I’ve gone again my intuition, I’ve generally went pretty far down a wrong path, and in cases where I have followed it, things have been pretty freaking awesome.

So, what’s with the ‘shyness’ about expressing the more intuitive and spiritual side of my business and my work?

I think I’m afraid of several things…

Of course, there are the big ones – having people think I’m crazy, having them judge me as less-than-smart because I turn to ‘feelings’ for guidance, among others.

And then there is the fear of being wrong. What if I use my intuition to guide my work with a client and something isn’t right?

There’s also the fear that people won’t want to work with me if they know how much I turn to inner guidance and let that mix and mingle with the practical knowledge I have about business and marketing.

What I’m finding, as I dip my toe into the waters, is that people really WANT that part of me. There is magic there, something special, something that makes working with me unique. Something that gives me and my clients an edge.

Do you use intuition in your business? If so, how does it show up?

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