This seems like an appropriate post for a Saturday…

Had lunch with a wonderful colleague, fellow entrepreneur and all around brilliant woman yesterday and we got around to talking about vacations. Interestingly enough, this amazing woman, so smart in pretty much every area of her life, still struggles with giving herself real time off.

She travels often, but it always has some business component to it, which isn’t a bad thing, but it means that she hasn’t truly un-plugged from her business in a few years.

I challenged her to figure out a way that she could take a few days or a week and really spend time NOT doing anything related to business. Why?

There are SO many reasons, the first, and probably most important, is that, as service based entrepreneurs we are our biggest asset. If we burn out, then there won’t be much of a business to speak of, so we need to make sure we take time to refuel, replenish, rejuvenate and REST. And, it needs to be more than an afternoon in the park.

Another great reason is that when we take time away from things, something happens in our brains. Our subconscious, or some other part of our brains actually has time to ponder things without our even knowing. People often experience great leaps in skill and proficiency after taking some time off from the thing they are working to learn and master.

I had that exact experience after living in Paris for a year in college. When I came back, I spent the summer in New York City, speaking almost no french.

When I went back to finish my last year of school, I lived in the ‘French House’ on campus, where we were instructed to speak French 6 days a week in the halls, at meals etc. In the first 2 weeks back, my french went from good to great. I suddenly became almost fluent – to the point that, when I called a guy I dated in Paris a few weeks later he didn’t believe it was me because my skill with the language had shifted so dramatically.

So, I’m making a case that taking time off, truly un-plugging for a few days or a week, can actually help you make leaps in your business, not cause you to slow down.

Let’s get planning a trip, eh?


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