Shakespeare And Energy


Sitting in Central Park this morning waiting in line with several hundred others for tickets to Shakespeare in the park an interesting thing happened. It was remarkable enough that it got the full attention of the woman behind my friend and I.

Out of all other the people in that line, people kept stopping to ask us questions…

Questions about why we were in line, asking for directions… even people who were in the same line further down aksed what time we’d arrived.

Why did they stop and talk to us, when there were over 1000 other people there?


My friend and I were delighted to be there. Smiling and laughing, having a wonderful time. It created an open energy that welcomed people.

At last count (Nancy, the woman behind us started counting because she couldn’t believe it) over 11 different couples, groups or individuals had stopped to talk to us.

Try shifting your energy, smile openly at people, wish them a wonderful day, you never know what it will lead to.

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