Spending Time With Friends


If you’re like me and you believe that energy and the law of attraction dictate the flow of everything in and out of our lives, then you’ll very much appreciate this post.

About once a month or so I schedule a day – or most of a day – where I can visit with different women who inspire me and who are my friends. Often they are also entrepreneurs, but not always.

There are many reasons for this, it’s joyful, playful, full of love and often full of amazing insights, ideas and opportunities to give and receive brilliance.

What ends up coming out of days like that are leaps in consciousness, jumps in inspiration and huge bounds in motivation.

If you’re feeling a bit a sluggish or uninspired, get out for some face-to-face time with some people you love being with, people who inspire you or simply who you can completely relax and enjoy yourself with.

It has the potential to open you up to growing and thriving and a big bunch of joy.

(This picture is with a group of some of my favorite entrepreneur ladies, from top, then left to right: Jodi Graber,  Joanna Lindenbaum, Me, Bryn Johnson and Nika Stewart)



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  1. Time with friends is precious. I love that we’re friends and that sometimes we get together for business masterminding and other times it is just for fun. I feel so lucky to call you friend and colleague.

  2. Payson says:

    Thank you Jodi! I feel the same way about you – you are precious and wonderful! :-) xo!