I’m definitely starting to see a pattern… every day I’m able to get the blog post done early-ish in the day. On week days, unless I have an early morning appointment, I get the blog post done first thing, before anything else.

That feels good, I’ve accomplished something, put some thoughts out there and sent out a few social media updates inviting people to read and share their thoughts.

Sundays aren’t working that way… Sunday is the day I generally stay away from the computer. And, I’m starting to think once this 90-days is over, I’ll continue to blog on week days, but let the weekends go.

I think it’s important for me to have days where I don’t feel obligated to get online.

How about you? Do you take a full ‘technology’ break, or at least a computer break 1 or more days a week?

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  1. I usually try not to use computer on the weekends, however, a recently purchased iPad doesn’t make it easy!

    Are you doing some kind of 90-day challenge to blog? How do you find ideas for writing? I can usually only squeeze about 2-3 blog posts per month!

  2. Payson says:

    Hi Slavik
    I know what you mean with the iPad and other technology tools. Seems like there needs to be some kind of rule about ‘fun’ technology vs ‘work’ technology… although, I still think there is some merit to doing things without technology at all a couple or so days a month, taking a real break.

    Yes, I am doing a 90 day blogging challenge. I’ve noticed that if I just give myself time, and have set the expectation, that something comes up for me to share. I also have a list that I add to for ideas, so if I’m really stumped I can go grab one of those.

    I let inspiration come from other articles I read, the books I’m reading, conversations with peers and clients. It inevitable that something comes out that makes sense to share… And, for me, that was one of the reasons for the challenge. To notice, appreciate and value the ideas I share and the thoughts I have about business, success, marketing and more.

    Hope that helps! :-)

  3. Thank you so much for the reply! Agreed about the “real break” from technology — I almost never check email when I’m on vacation and my wife seems to really appreciate it :-)

    Good luck with your blogging challenge, would love to hear how it turns out!

  4. Payson says:

    I’ll bet your wife does appreciate it! :-) It’s wonderful that you give yourself, and your family, that time.
    Will keep you posted, and thanks for your interest! :-)

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