Learn Marketing – Tip 1

Ultimate Marketing On A Shoe String Budget – Learn Marketing Tip #1

Absolutely essential tip to learn marketing – whether you’re on a budget or not – and most entrepreneurs miss it entirely…

What is it?

Make an Offer.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But, if you take a moment and review any marketing you’ve done in the last six months – from emails to banner ads to social media – are you making an offer? If not, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

If you are serious about wanting to learn marketing, this is your first step. From this moment on everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING should go out with an offer. Now, I don’t mean every single Tweet has to include an offer – that would be about as useful as not tweeting at all (possibly worse, because you might actually alienate some prospects), but I do mean, that every newsletter, postcard, or other interaction with your prospects or clients, other than the ones that go multiple times a day, must include an offer. It can be at the very end – as a special PS, it can be part of the topic itself – however you feel it fits best.

It is important to challenge yourself on this a bit – it’s easy to feel uncomfortable and like you don’t want to ‘push’ in your marketing. Let me put it this way, if you don’t make an offer, you are, in almost all instances, wasting your time. The offer doesn’t always have to be for a paid product or service, in some instances it can be for a free-gift type offer, but don’t get caught up only making those types of offers either. Push yourself to let people know about the great products and services you’ve got.

An example of a situation where I almost forgot an offer…

I have a couple of online jewelry website (where I showcase my own jewelry lines – making jewelry is a passion and hobby of mine), and I occasionally choose to do a gift-bag give away when I feel the opportunity is right. I have created a few ‘gift’ items to use (the jewelry is too expensive to give away unless it’s very targeted or meaningful in some other way). A while back, as one of these opportunities was around the corner, about the 50th piece for an upcoming event was getting prepped.

I suddenly realized that the business card with the gift in the package was not enough – I was breaking one of my own cardinal rules – THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN OFFER. Well, I’m not one to learn marketing tactics and not employ them, so I stopped the process, undid everything and created an offer card that could be inserted with the business card and gift. Using a special coupon code, the package was now more than just the gift inside, it was a special discount, and the code gave me the ability to track orders that came in through the event. It was a huge success, and one of those moments I will never forget – from now on, I will make the offer an integral part of any marketing and PR work that I do.

Where can you add an offer to your marketing?

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(see – that’s a type of offer… now for another one…)

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