Learn Marketing – Tip 2

Ultimate Marketing On A Shoe String Budget – Learn Marketing Tip #2

As you continue to learn marketing concepts and strategies to grow your business, you will want to keep this in mind…

The first ‘Learn Marketing Tip‘ talked about always including an offer… this one builds on that piece, giving your offer the best chance for success possible.

This Learn Marketing Tip is to always include a reason to respond now.

If you have committed to including an offer, whenever and wherever possible, in your marketing you should be really pleased with yourself, and over time, you will be very pleased with your improved results – if you ad this one to the mix you’ll be making a marketing cocktail that will be even harder for your prospects to resist.

By including a reason to respond now in your offer, you will add a sense of urgency that can make all the difference in the person choosing to take the time to go to your website, pick up the phone or do whatever else you have asked them to do. The reason to respond now can include a special incentive, like a special gift they get for calling within 24 hours or being one of the first 10 to respond. It can be a limited amount of the item in stock, imminent price increase or an expiration time or date. There are a lot of ways to create a reason for the prospect or client to respond now, so get creative, but make sure this is a part of your marketing materials. It can make all the difference in your offer being a success or a flop.

I consider this a ‘shoe string budget’ tip because it doesn’t cost you anything more to include this in your offer and marketing materials, it will bring in significantly higher revenue and give you more money in your business (to spend on more marketing perhaps!) and in your life. Make it a point to give people a really compelling reason to respond NOW and they will.

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