Learn Marketing – Tip 3

Ultimate Marketing On A Shoe String Tip 3

The third Ultimate Marketing on a shoe string tip is simply to FOLLOW UP.

The majority of businesses out in the world seem to forget this step, focusing instead on bringing new customers to the door. The key they are missing is that the companies and businesses that get the most ‘buzz’ from happy clients and customers are the ones that stay in touch with those happy clients and customers.

It costs far more to get new customers in the door than to pay attention to the ones you already have, take extra good care of them, make them delighted to know you and continue selling to them. People who are happy with an experience are generally more than happy to continue that experience, so if you are not following up, you are missing out.

Now, this isn’t just about current clients and customers – this is also about prospects. One of the reasons email marketing works so well (even with it’s recent reputation as being less effective) is that, when it’s done correctly, it can nurture a prospect along into becoming a buyer. It gives you, the business or entrepreneur the opportunity to stay in touch and follow up with someone that was interested enough to get to your website and sign up to receive your information. Without it, the person comes and goes and probably never sees what you have to offer again.

So, what’s your next step? Take a look at your follow-up systems and start to implement ways you will correct the process when you drop the ball and don’t stay in touch with a prospect or client.

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