Learn Marketing – Tip 4

Ultimate Marketing On A Shoe String – Learn Marketing Tip #4

As you continue your journey to learn marketing for your business, you will inevitably come across the concept of the ‘ethical bribe’. The use of the word ‘bribe’ can sometimes be a bit of a turn off for some entrepreneurs, but hopefully that is tempered by the word ‘ethical’ preceding it. An ethical bribe is something that you offer a prospect in exchange for their personal contact information. You’ve probably signed up for many of them on the internet… now it’s time to put one together for your business.

There are many steps to learn marketing for your small business, and this is an absolutely vital one… determining what kind of a gift you can give prospects that will entice them to giving you something you very much want in exchange can be challenging for some businesses. But, if you spend some time talking with clients or prospects you will quickly begin to understand what kind of questions they are consistently asking about your area of expertise.

One option for an ethical bribe is a free report, another, a free and private informational video or, even, a teleseminar, like the one offered here. One of the great things about digital gifts is that once you create them it doesn’t cost you anything to continue to deliver great value to new people as they come to your website. You can even use an ethical bribe in a physical store or restaurant location or at a trade show. Anywhere you and your business, product or service are interacting with potential new customers is an opportunity to offer something in exchange for the opportunity to stay in touch.

What will you offer as your ethical bribe?

The Ultimate Marketing On A Shoe String Teleseminar is coming up in just a few days (on September 16!) – it’s completely free, so if you want to join your fellow entrepreneurs and learn insider secrets about how to market like a big business pro on a shoe string budget, enter your information here. All the details for the call will be sent to your email address within a few minutes. We’re also doing a very special give away within the first 48 hours of the call – all the details will be available during the call (and on the recording that will be sent to you afterward), but the opportunity will close 48 hours from the end of the teleseminar. All the details about how to participate will be included there.

If you got to this page you and you have not joined the complimentary Ultimate Marketing On A Shoe String Budget Teleseminar, here are the details in case you are interested:

Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010
Time: 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

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