Marketing Concepts: Outcomes, Results And More


In the past few weeks I’ve had a ton of conversations about the marketing concepts around features, and the outcomes and results people get from my client’s products and services.

It seems this is a tough area for a lot of people… something they get stuck on frequently, so I thought I’d dig into this marketing concept a little more and see if I can shed some light on it for you too.

What most people do…

When most people start to share about their product or service – whether that’s in a networking conversation, in some form of writing, or even in interviews and media – very often they are talking about the features of what they have or what they do.

The features are the factual bits and bobs about what you’ve got… like how many hours of private time come in a coaching package, or how many bells and whistles this doodad has and what color it comes in.

If you are talking about what you’ve got in that way, I would bet money that you aren’t seeing great results from your marketing efforts. There’s a reason…

What you want to do…

People buy because they want a particular result. There are lots of them that people want…  Here are a few of the biggest…

People want to make money, they want to have more time, they want to feel good about their body/appearance and they want fulfilling and intimate relationships. These are the outcomes, the results people are looking for… and in most cases, pretty much any product or service can be tied to them, or something like them, in some way. Sometimes you will need to be a little creative, but that’s one of the fun things about marketing!

You may not want to talk about your product or service in these terms, but the bottom line is that if you aren’t talking about how what you’ve got will create a transformation and give someone results and outcomes that they desire, you’ll find your marketing is more ‘miss’ on the hit-and-miss scale than right on the bull’s-eye.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing concepts that you can apply to your business to help you get the clients and cash flow you’re looking for, don’t miss my upcoming Marketing in the Morning webinar… you can register here.


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