Before the Marketing Planning Process


Last week I shared several posts about my marketing planning process.

Today, I want to talk a bit about what needs to happen before you even start.

There are 2 really key things… the first is getting your mindset straight, and the second, is figuring out what your outcome or goal is for the thing you are doing the marketing planning process for.

First: Your Mindset

Marketing can be pretty challenging for a lot of people. It’s absolutely essential though.

And, once you learn marketing, you can actually go out and marketing pretty much anything under the sun and create success (as long as it fits a few basic criteria – which you understand, when you understand marketing).

So, how do you get over the hump and get past the junk that is in your way of becoming a kick-a$$ marketer?

You make a decision.

I know. It’s very simple. Too simple.

But, it’s true. You might need to get some help with whatever stuff is coming up – whether you are afraid of visibility, of failure, of success or a million other possibilities… make sure you have a support system around those things. You could join a mastermind group and ask (and then allow) them to hold you accountable.

If you’ve got some bigger, more deep seated stuff going on, it might make sense to get some help from a coach, or, even, if it’s really emotional stuff, from a counselor of some kind.

Yes, marketing can be THAT challenging for some people.

Second: Know Your Goal

The second thing you need to think about before you settle down and dig into the marketing planning process, is your end goal.

What do you want to achieve with this particular situation?

What are you marketing?

Is this a long-term strategy (something that once in place and working, will stay in place for as long as it continues working)?

Is this a short-term strategy (are you in a launch phase for a new product or service, or are you marketing something that will only be offered once or for a short time)?

How big of a reach do you want this to make?

How will you know your efforts were successful?

Getting clear on these questions, along with any other things related to your ultimate goal, will help you make sure that your marketing planning process AND the outcome of the marketing itself lines up with what you really want.

If you want to dig deeper into some of these concepts, find out my #1 tip for making your business a success and learn a bunch more about marketing, then you won’t want to miss my upcoming {and FREE} webinar. You can find out more, and register here.


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